Pirates Dinner Adventure-Buena Park

Pirates Dinner Adventure-Buena Park

What: Pirates Dinner Adventure

Where: Buena Park

For: All Ages

Pirates Dinner Adventure was one of the shows that we’ve been wanting to watch for a while.  We took Skylar a few weeks ago and it was not only entertaining, but they promoted a bunch of audience participation as well.  This is a great place to go for special occasions or for a family night out that’s only 30 minutes away from Los Angeles.


When you walk into the facilities, everything is pirate themed from the photo ops at the front to the stores and cast member clothing.  You’re assigned a color of a pirate to cheer on (we were yellow), and depending on the package that was purchased you will also get a headband of the appropriate color.  For adults there is a full-service cash bar (note: they try to sell you cups with their logo and just asked us if a certain size of drink was ok instead of telling us we had to pay for the cup.  This made each of our drinks $20…but we did get a glass souvenir cup that we will use at home).

A variety of complementary appetizers are served by cast members walking around the patrons, and guests are asked to arrive about 45 minutes to 90 minutes prior to showtime.  Pirates are introduced about 30 minutes prior to showtime, and there is an acrobatic aerial performer as well.  When your color pirate is introduced, you will follow him into the dining area where audience members sit in a semi-circle tiered arrangement around a full-sized wooden pirate boat sitting in a moat filled with water.  You can ask for booster seats for younger kids.

The Show

The show was very fun and about 90 minutes long.  It was filled with comedy, singing with audience participation, acrobatics, and (fake) fighting.  We really felt like we were cheering on our pirate.  The dinner and show balance was wonderful, and we were able to enjoy our meal throughout the show without having to worry about anything.

Skylar playing follow-the-pirate.

Twice they asked for the kids from the audience to join them.  The first time the kids went onto the actual ship and played a follow-the-pirate game.  The second time the kids dressed up in soldier garb and ‘defeated’ the loch-ness monster.  Skylar had a blast going up both times and showed off her paper pirate hat that she was given.

Skylar ‘defeating’ the Loch Ness Monster.

After the show ends, the pirates and princess stand outside the doors to the dining area for photo ops.

The Food

We ate tomato soup with chicken, shrimp and veggie skewers, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  The food was pretty good and exceeded my expectations. There are also child, vegan gluten-free and vegetarian dining options.

Ethan and I didn’t finish our meal, but Skylar wasn’t fond of the chicken nugget/mac and cheese/fruit/potato combo that she was given.  I tried her meal and it tasted like everything was heated up in a microwave, so I understood why she didn’t want to touch it.  Waiters walk around constantly filling up your water, coffee, soft drinks (included) and cocktails (extra-cocktails were cheaper to buy inside than pre-show).

The Crowd

There is a time during the show that the pirates read off all the birthdays and special occasions that the audience is celebrating.  This takes about 5 minutes and is announced during time dinner is served, so it goes with the flow of the performance.  Most of the audience there was celebrating something.  The rest of the audience were families peppered with a few schools.  Overall, this is a place to go for any reason for all ages.

Skylar with the Blue Pirate and the Princess after the show.


We waited for a Groupon special to pay for admission.  It was $101 for all three of us.  Drinks brought us up another $40 for a total of $141.  We also tipped the waitress when the show was finished.  All in all, it was definitely worth the money paid with the Groupon.  Considering that regular priced tickets for adults are $61.95 and kids ages 3-11 is $36.94, I would suggest to wait for a Groupon or Living Social deal.  If you sign up on their website, they will also e-mail you promotions (and give you free entry on your birthday).

For all upgrade options, navigate over to the website to check out the different packages.  You can also request a group quote by submitting an inquiry on the website or calling their toll-free number.

Pirates Dinner Adventure Information

7600 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620

(866) 439-2469


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Black Rabbit Rose-Hollywood

Black Rabbit Rose-Hollywood

What: Black Rabbit Rose

Where: Hollywood

For: Ages 21+

We found this amazing hidden magician’s studio/comedy club/lounge/restaurant on complete accident.  We were bar hopping on Hollywood Blvd and walked past a man dressed as a magician on the sidewalk.  I asked him if he was a street performer, and he instead told me that he was promoting for a speakeasy through the door behind him called the Black Rabbit Rose.

The Lounge

Not only does the Black Rabbit Rose have beautiful craft cocktails, but it also serves Thai Food from the neighboring restaurant.  The atmosphere is dark and elegant, with a beautiful large bar and plenty of ample seating space.  While we were sipping our drinks at a small table, there was a magician making his way around preforming close-up magic for patrons.  All of the staff was extremely attentive to our needs and continually asked how they could be of service.

Food and cocktails are served from 6:00pm-2:00am Tuesday through Saturday with walk-ins welcome.

The Rose Theatre

Walking down a hallway towards the Rose Theatre was a huge treat.  Three was an old automated fortune teller and tons of magic odds-and-ends to look at.  The theater is also elegant in itself, with deep red velvet tablecloths and limited seating.  We were fortunate enough to sit at a booth in the front, where we took in our surroundings of curio cabinets, book cases, and gorgeous décor.

We were pleased to be entertained by a New Orleans-style band that played beautiful music and promoted audience involvement.  Some of the tables on the floor were pushed aside to make room for a dance floor, which encouraged patrons to dance the night away.  There is also a small bar in the Theatre area to grab drinks during performances.

There is also a late-night dining experience that requires reservations that can be made on the website or by calling the business, with experiences starting at 10:30pm.  Since there is limited seating, I strongly suggest having a reservation.

The Crowd

There is a dress code that’s enforced at all times.  The website states that you should ‘dress to impress’.  Make sure you don’t show up with shiny shirts, shorts, sports gear, logos, flip flops, and baseball/snapback hats.  The crowd seemed more nicely dressed than the other bars that we went to that night.  Everyone was kind, helpful, and seemed to be having a good time.


We didn’t have the chance to eat here, but we did grab a few cocktails.  They were priced reasonably for the area, at around $15 a pop.  I took the opportunity to look at the food menu as well, and the Thai options are also reasonably priced.  Ethan and I ended up spending about $65 here during our stay, which is worth it for a lounge with traveling close-up musician, drinks, and New Orleans-Style band.

Black Rabbit Rose Information

1719 N. Hudson Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 461-1464


Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Black Rabbit Rose, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing admin@la-staycation.com