Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery/Alta House-Hermosa Beach

Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery/Alta House-Hermosa Beach

What: Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery/Alta House

Where: Hermosa Beach

For: All Ages/21+ at Night

If you are looking for a space with ocean views where you can eat dinner, drink cocktails and take in the sunset then this is the place for you.  Since this is in the heart of Hermosa Beach, it is suggested that guests utilize Uber or Lyft to make their way to Abigaile and Alta House.

The Restaurant

Abigaile serves brunch and dinner, although we’ve only ever been for dinner.  When you walk in, lighting is dark and patrons are met with a gorgeous 15-barrel copper brewing system.  You can choose to eat at the restaurant or at the Alta House that spans the second and third stories.  We generally come here for birthdays and to get together with friends.

The only complaint that I have is that we set a reservation for 8:30pm and we weren’t seated until 9:45pm.  Although this was on a weekend, there should be a dining limit as we were told there were parties that have been there for over 3 hours opening Christmas presents.  The manager tried to make it right by giving us two appetizers and a round of drinks for free, but all eight of us in our party were not happy that they didn’t say anything to the guests that didn’t leave.

Food is good here and changes every so often.  Appetizers are filling, and many times we order different dishes and share them family style.  The portions are bigger than they look.  We generally spend about one hour here before we head upstairs to Alta House.

Alta House

Alta House is on the Second and Third floors of the restaurant.  Foods are served until 10:00pm when the cocktail tables are moved to make way for a dance floor.  The Indoor Lounge on the second floor contains a dance floor, DJ, private seating areas that can be reserved and a full bar.  Although the atmosphere is a bit brighter than normal for a dance club because of the bright white walls, there is ample space for guests earlier in the night.  It starts to get crowded around 11:00pm.  The DJ plays popular music on one end of the lounge, and there are TVs behind the bar.  Single stall men’s’ and women’s’ bathrooms are in the hallway behind the bar.  I would suggest that you walk down the stairs to the multi-stalled bathroom at Abigaile’s to make sure you don’t have a long wait.

At the private booth in Alta House for our friend’s birthday.

The Sundeck Patio has a beautiful fireplace, flat screen TVs and ample seating area.  Many times, this area is rented out to private events because of the beautiful views of the ocean and sunset.  The Rooftop Terrace is an open-air space that gives views directly to the ocean.  This can be rented out for private event space and sometimes has a satellite bar with private bartender.  Sometimes we go to these areas to catch a breather.

The Crowd

There have been different crowds each time we have come here.  During the holidays, private areas are rented out for company holiday parties.  Many people (such as us!) celebrate birthdays here.  Young adults take advantage of the Inside Lounge to dance and drink.


Expect to spend $15 to $25 per person on dinner.  Brunch will be about $15 to $20 per person.  Drinks are an additional $10-$14 each drink depending on what you order.

Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery Information

1301 Manhattan Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 798-8227

abigailerestaurant.com and altahousehb.com

Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Abigaile or Alta House, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing admin@la-staycation.com

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