The Penthouse-Santa Monica

The Penthouse-Santa Monica

What: The Penthouse

Where: Santa Monica

For: Ages 21+

Ethan and I came here last year for our two-year anniversary.  We love going to Santa Monica, and he had a special place picked out for us to spend our night as a surprise.  We stayed here for about four hours and had an amazing time in the upscale restaurant and cocktail lounge in the Huntley Hotel.

The Restaurant

The restaurant has ocean views and offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner to guests.  Make sure to check the website for availability.  To enter the Penthouse, you need to walk through the lobby of the Huntely Hotel.  When we went, we had to wait in a line for the bouncers to check our IDs and lead us up to the elevator.  When we arrived, there was a beautifully modern themed restaurant with gorgeous ocean views.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching the sunset.  We didn’t have a chance to experience the restaurant here, although we were able to sit at some of the tables to chat over a cocktail.  There was ample seating available on the left side of the restaurant when you walk out of the elevator.

The Lounge

This opulent lounge turns into a club atmosphere at night.  The restaurant tables are put away and a DJ starts playing modern music in front of a dance floor.  It was very easy to get drinks, as the bar spanned 360 degrees.  A free photo booth was offered for guests in the back of the bar, which is where we took our anniversary photo (don’t judge…we had a few drinks prior to this photo being taken!).  There was ample seating in the back-right area of the lounge when the dance floor became crowded later on during the night.

Our awesome photo booth anniversary picture.

The Crowd

The crowd was comprised of mostly 20- to 30- somethings.  Everyone was dressed nicely as if they were going to an upscale restaurant.  Women were in dresses and heels whereas men wore slacks with a jacket.  The workers and bartenders were also dressed to the nines.


You can expect to spend $15-$20 per person for breakfast, $20 to $25 for brunch, $20-$30 for lunch and $30 to $50 for dinner at the Penthouse.  Dessert is around $15 for a shared order, while lounge starters range from $15-$30.  All pricing excludes drinks, which would add approximately $15 per drink to your bill.

The Penthouse Information

111 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403

(855) 998-5323

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