Little Sister-DTLA/Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach

Little Sister-DTLA/Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach

What: Little Sister

Where: DTLA/Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach

For: All Ages

One of my favorite restaurants to go for Southeast Asian cuisine (more Vietnamese centric, but still Asian-Fusion).  I had a restaurant a few blocks away from my office in DTLA, and I loved it so much that I had to take Ethan to the one in Manhattan Beach.

The Restaurant

The vibe of Little Sister is intimate and modern.  The lights are always down low, and there is a small dining area with tables and chairs.  A communal table that sits about twelve people is offered in the restaurant for guests that don’t mind sharing their seating area.  A bar area is available for guests to dine and drink on bar stools.  A full range of drinks are offered.

All of the dishes are made to be shared family-style.  There is a large amount of food that comes out on the plates, so I had to take food home almost every time.  The shaky shaky beef is a must have.  It’s perfectly cooked, has almost zero fat and the sauce is melt-in-your mouth delicious.  I personally love any type of the noodles.  You can check online for the menu that changes seasonally.

The Crowd

Little sister is a very popular restaurant, so it’s always smart to make a reservation.  The wait time can be up to an hour.  Patrons need to make sure that their entire party is present prior to being seated.  Reservations can be made online or by calling the restaurant.  Seating is very close together, so it’s harder to get around if you need to get up and go to the restroom.


The food is a little more expensive for dishes.  Expect to spend a minimum of $20-$25 per person here for lunch and $30 for dinner, not including drinks.  Keep in mind that there’s a 3% surcharge added onto the final bill.

Little Sister Information

Manhattan Beach: 1131 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 545-2096

DTLA: 523 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 628-3146

Redondo Beach: 247 Avenida del Norte, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(424) 398-0237

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Stax Bakery & Creamery-Irvine

Stax Bakery & Creamery-Irvine

What: Stax Bakery & Creamery

Where: Irvine

For: All Ages

Stax Bakery & Creamery is located in the University Center across the bridge from the University of California, Irvine.  I attended UCI as an undergrad, and I used to go to University Center almost daily between classes.  There are so many stores and restaurants to explore, and my absolute favorite dessert place is Stax.  I took Skylar there a few years ago, and recently I took Ethan there for dessert after our Orange County Staycation.

The Bakery & Creamery

When you walk into Stax, you’re greeted with a clean and modern restaurant.  There are cookies displayed next to the cashier, and tubs of different flavors of ice cream line the wall.  The menu is straightforward, but there are also so many options to choose from!  I wasn’t sure what to get, so the cashier was kind enough to tell me about all the different types of desserts.

There are Thai-Style rolls, which is ice cream that is spread on a cold stone and rolled up and placed in a cup with individual toppings.  My favorite dessert is the cookie sandwich where you can choose any two of your favorite freshly baked cookies and whatever ice cream you want (you can also opt for the fixed cookie sandwich menu).  All the bread and cookies are made fresh and in-house daily.  There are fifteen unique flavors of ice cream, and the employees help you choose which flavor you want by offering you samples.   You can choose to have ice cream in a single/double scoop, ice cream float, milk shake, or sundae.  There are also ten different types of cookies (including vegan options!).

The Food and Drinks

Stax offers sandwiches, paninis, personal pizzas, salads and empanadas.  There is also a variety of coffee available for guests.  Most of the food is available in the refrigerated section to the right of the cashier.  When we went, it was lunch time on a Sunday and the selection wasn’t very big.  They told us that if we picked out a sandwich or panini that they could heat it up in the back.  It reminded me of the grab-and-go food options that Starbucks offers.

The Crowd

Since this is right across the street from UCI, there are many college students here.  You will also see a lot of families with young children at the University Center.  During the week, employees of nearby businesses come here for their lunch breaks.


The food cost from $4 to $9 with coffee costing from $1.95 to $3.50.  Thai Rolls are about $7, ice cream is from $2.95 to $5.95.  This is a very good price for novelty ice cream, and the serving portions are very big…each time I went I couldn’t finish what I ordered!

Stax Bakery & Creamery Information

4187 Campus Drive M174, Irvine, CA 92612

(949) 861-2055

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The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker-West Hollywood

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker-West Hollywood

What: The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

Where: West Hollywood

For: All Ages

I saw this restaurant on Instagram and told myself that I would have to eat here whenever we were in West Hollywood.  Last weekend, Ethan and I got that chance.  The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker (or BBCM) serves modern Californian cuisines with a European Twist.  They have the most amazing craft cocktails and specialty coffee beverages that you will ever see.

The Restaurant

BBCM is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner daily.  Although we didn’t eat at the restaurant, the food that we saw was very aesthetically pleasing.  Guests ordered beautiful food for brunch, including sandwiches, avocado toast and salads.  When we were sitting at the bar, there was a gorgeous coffee machine at the checkout stand of BBCM.

The Drinks

The specialty cocktails are especially great at BBCM.  The guests next to us ordered a triple flight of mimosas in three different flavors.  The Bloody Mary looked spicy and strong (although it was odd that a waiter was in the back pouring out three of the guests’ drinks into a pitcher and filling the now half-full drinks with Bloody Mary mix instead of alcohol.  Ethan ordered a craft cocktail from the menu, and it was the perfect refreshment to a hot day.

Now, let’s talk coffee!  Most of the coffee came out in mason jars.  The real star of the show were the cappuccinos.  The cappuccino that I ordered came out in about fifteen minutes with the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen in coffee.  It was so gorgeous that I didn’t want to drink it.  Although I was pleased with the look of the drink, it tasted very good as well.

The Crowd

There were so many people waiting at the front of the restaurant when we arrived.  Patrons can sit at the bar if they don’t want to wait (understand that the bar seating is highly coveted).  Guests can make reservations online, as there is always a wait for a booth or table.

Ethan said that this was the Instagram models’ paradise.  Not only is the food Instagram-worthy, but the crowd is dressed in new Hollywood glamour.  There is also a new store that recently opened at USC village.  Please check their website for hours of operation.


The bill came in at $24 for one cocktail and the cappuccino.  Although it’s expensive, I definitely think that it was worth the price for the experience and the beautiful coffee that I received.  I would recommend coming here for the pure experience.

The Butcher, The Baker, the Cappuccino Maker Information

8653 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 360-6900

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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar-Multiple Locations

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar-Multiple Locations

What: Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Where: Multiple Locations

For: All Ages

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is a novelty sushi bar that has a conveyor belt that delivers sushi directly to your table.  It’s completely automated and offers all types of foods to patrons.  Wait times can be up to 90 minutes in the South Bay Kura since it’s a fairly new restaurant.

The Restaurant

When you get into the restaurant, you have a panel next to your table that allows you to order.  The waitress only served to get us drinks and take away plates.  Various appetizers, sushi and chicken were offered on a conveyer belt that goes around the entire restaurant.  There is a small sign before each type of food so you knew what was being served on the plates.  Don’t worry if you don’t grab the plate you want when it first comes around!  There are many opportunities to grab the food.

Kura’s Ninja Cartoon that gives you a prize after consuming 15 plates.

If you don’t find something you want on the conveyor belt, you can use the order panel to choose what type of food you want.  You’ll hear a dinging sound when your food is ready, and an order belt brings your food directly to your table on a conveyor belt above the revolving sushi conveyor belt.

After you finish the food on your plate, there is a disposal slot on the side of each table that allows you to put your empty plate into.  The order panel keeps track of the number of plates you eat. Every five plates inserted, there is a small cartoon that plays a story on the order panel.  Skylar enjoyed the cartoon and kept telling us to eat more so we can win the cartoon.  Once guests eat and insert fifteen plates, you ‘win’ a prize.  The prize is in a small ball that comes out of a ‘prize shoot’ on top of the conveyor belts.  They are very cheap prizes, but Skylar thought it was amazing that she won anything at a restaurant.  When parties are finished eating, you can check out right at your table on your order panel.  The waitress brings you the check and you are on your way!  It’s one of the most fun and interesting restaurant experiences we have had.

The Food

The restaurant serves nigiri, sushi rolls (regular and baked), hand rolls, gunkan maki (sushi served in small cups), ramen and various appetizers.  There is also a variety of plates to choose from.  The sushi tasted very good and fresh.  We kept having to ask for more wasabi and ginger, but that was more of a wait staff issue than a restaurant issue.

Skylar isn’t much of a sushi eater, so we ordered ramen on the top belt for her.  Although she likes California Rolls, the ones at Kura are actual crab (she’s used to imitation crab)…meaning I ended up eating her entire roll.  I tried as much as I could, but the menu contains so many dishes that there are twelve pages to scroll through on the order panel.  We definitely need to come back to try more of the food offered.

The Crowd

There is a mobile app that allows you to check in remotely.  It will give you the wait times for either a seat at the sushi bar or a table.  Because of the novelty of the restaurant, there is usually an our long wait time.  Since you can view the place you are at in line, you can leave your house in time for them to call you.  At the door of Kura there is also an iPad that allows walk-ups to check in and view where they stand in line.  I noticed that each group that went in took about 30 to 45 minutes to finish their meal.


We ended up paying $64 for three people at Kura.  Each plate ranges from $2.50 to $2.75, and other pricing is available on the order panel.  We ordered some drinks which added another $10 to our bill.  We paid $52 when we went as a couple.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar Information

1840 W. 182nd Street, Torrance, CA 90504

(424) 221-5731

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Little Jewel of New Orleans-DTLA

Little Jewel of New Orleans-DTLA

What: Little Jewel of New Orleans

Popcorn Shrimp Po’ Boy

Where: DTLA

For: All Ages

Ethan and I first heard of Little Jewel of New Orleans after watching Buzzfeed’s Worth It!  There was an episode about trying different types of macaroni and cheese.  At Little Jewel of New Orleans, they ate the crawfish mac ‘n’ cheese and couldn’t stop raving about it.  So, naturally we had to go try for ourselves…

The Theme

The theme of the restaurant is obviously based on the food from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Little Jewel is both a Southern themed market and delicatessen.  When you walk in, you enter into a marketplace with everything you need for a Cajun-themed meal.  You order at the front counter and then round the corner to see a full deli counter with fresh food made that day.  All of the meats for the dishes are made in-house with the kitchen behind the counter.  In front of the deli counter there is ample seating for patrons with televisions around the dining area.

The Food

I ordered the crawfish mac ‘n’ cheese…and let me tell you…it really was the most amazing macaroni and cheese that I’ve ever had.  It was the right blend of spices and cheeses with a little crunch on the top.  The crawfish and andouille sausage was perfect.  I’m pretty sure that I could eat it every night.

Crawfish Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ethan ordered a seafood combo.  Although he ended up eating a good amount of my macaroni (it was so hard for me to share!), he told me that the seafood and sauce was perfect.  He’s one of those people that likes spicy seasoning on everything, so it was the epitome of a perfect dish for him.  After dinner, he ate bread pudding, which he also loved.

The food was so amazingly good that Ethan decided he wanted to eat some for lunch so he ordered the Po’Boy sandwich.  He called me after he ate it the day after and told me that it was just as good reheated as it was fresh.  I kind of regret not getting a sandwich for me to take to work the next day.  We will definitely keep this restaurant on the list of places to go regularly.


The Crowd

We came to Little Jewel for dinner on a Sunday.  It wasn’t crowded at all, so there was no wait.  It took our food about 10 minutes to come out, and we inhaled everything.  The restaurant is located in China Town, which is the last place that someone would expect to encounter an authentic Cajun dining experience.



Everything was very affordable at Little Jewel.  With three entrees and dessert, we paid less than $40.  The marketplace is reasonably priced as well.

Little Jewel of New Orleans Information

207 Ord St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 620-0461

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The Lighthouse Cafe-South Bay

The Lighthouse Cafe-South Bay

What: The Lighthouse Cafe

LLL d 13 _2644.NEF

Where: South Bay

For: Ages 21+

The Lighthouse Café is Ethan and my go-to place if we want to eat and enjoy a live band.  Another plus is that it was one of the sets for the movie La La Land.  The vibe is always vibrant when you walk into the café.  The security, hostesses and servers are personable and nice.  It’s a great place to go when you want to have a casual night in the South Bay.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is open until 1:00am every night of the week, which makes this bar the place to go if you want a late-night meal.  The café is open for special events as well (please check the website).  Unfortunately, the aesthetics of the food that comes out is definitely lacking and makes the trays look very sad.  That being said, the food is actually pretty good, and it’s a great environment to eat some American food in.

La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone filmed many scenes over four days at The Lighthouse Café.   If you go outside, you can witness an iconic scene with the two characters standing next to each other in front of a neon sign advertising the Café.  I loved that the movie included jazz and the special lighthouse stained glass in the background.  An interesting thing is that the Lighthouse still has one of the clocks from the movie in the restaurant that (apparently) the director has been trying to get back. Another interesting tidbit is that the Hermosa Beach chamber teamed up with Hollywood two years ago to transform the Hermosa Beach Pier into a La La Land-themed pier.  They played jazz music and allowed guests to take Instagram-worty pictures on the pier.

The Bar

The Lighthouse Café is the best place to go if you’re interested in listening to Jazz in Hermosa Beach. Security checks ID after 9:30pm and gives you a stamp for in-and-out privileges.  There is sometimes a cover charge of $5 to $10 per guest depending on which live band is playing that night.  There is a small dance floor in the middle of the tables.  Tables and booths for dining line the outside area of the bar and there are many spaces to sit at the bar tables if you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the bartenders.

The Crowd

The age range for the guests varies.  Many times, groups meet here to celebrate birthdays.  A great thing is that the bands generally come into the crowd during breaks and dance with the patrons.


The Lighthouse Café is very affordable.  Drinks range from $6-$15 each.  Happy hour is available daily (please check the website for more information).  Dinner rang in at about $12 to $16 per plate, which is a steal in Hermosa Beach.  We will continually come back to The Lighthouse Café for dinner, drinks and dancing.

The Lighthouse Cafe Information

30 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 376-9833

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Goofy’s Kitchen-Anaheim

Goofy’s Kitchen-Anaheim

What: Goofy’s Kitchen

Where: Anaheim

For: All Ages

Since the girls’ birthday is one week apart, for the past two years we have been going to Goofy’s Kitchen for a buffet brunch before celebrating inside Disneyland for the day.  We not only enjoyed the family-friendly food, but the photo ops with the characters walking around every few minutes was a great addition.

The Restaurant

Guests can set reservations for Goofy’s Kitchen online (I suggest that you make reservations as soon as possible to ensure the tables don’t fill up) for breakfast and dinner.  The hostess won’t seat your party until all guests are present, which is something to keep in mind.  When you get to the front of the restaurant, they take your name and give you a photo op with Goofy in his chef’s outfit.  After seating, the waitress will bring you a printed-out photo of your group with Goofy that you can choose to buy.  There is a pass option to purchase where you can download pictures from the entire day in Disneyland and get the picture of Goofy which we decided to opt into.

Buffets are all-you-can-eat and include adult favorites (we’ve only gone for breakfast) such as a create-your-own omelet station and eggs benedict (cocktails are also provided at an additional cost).  The kids enjoyed the pizza, pancakes and bakery sweets.  There is also a huge dessert area and ice cream station.

Since we celebrated Emma and Sky’s birthday, the kids were each given a birthday button and special birthday cupcake with a candle to blow out.  The workers and characters also came around to sing ‘Happy Birthday’, which made the girls feel like VIPs.

The Characters

Every thirty minutes, the characters have a parade around the restaurant where they wave their napkins in the air.  The kids loved interacting with the characters and waving their own napkins.  Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Pluto and Chip ‘n’ Dale were the only characters that we were able to see.  The great thing is that they walk around to every table to interact with the children and pose for pictures.

The Crowd

There are a lot of families here since it’s a character restaurant affiliated with Disneyland.  Although it was kind of loud, we didn’t mind since the girls were having a great time. Because the restaurant is located inside the Disneyland Hotel, many hotel guests came here prior to hitting the pool or theme parks.  The dress code is very casual.


The breakfast buffet costs $36 per adult and $21 per child.  Although the food isn’t gourmet, you’re really paying for the novelty of the restaurant along with the character experiences.  There is an automatic gratuity added to guests’ bill.  If you have an annual pass, there is a discount on your pricing.

Goofy’s Kitchen Information

Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA 92802

(714) 781-3463

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Tapas Flavors of Spain-Mission Viejo

Tapas Flavors of Spain-Mission Viejo

What: Tapas Flavors of Spain

Where: Mission Viejo

For: All Ages/21+ after 9:00pm

Last weekend, Ethan and I went with my parents to Tapas Flavors of Spain to celebrate their 32 year wedding anniversary.  Located in Kaleidoscope off of the 5 freeway, I was very excited to come here since I’ve grown up in the area my entire life.  Kaleidoscope has always been a quiet mall with a small amount of traffic, so the fact that there was a club that opened on the main floor made our visit very interesting.  Please remember that Ethan and I also went to a similar Spanish flamenco show in Long Beach called Sevilla…and I strongly believe that Tapas was a better value with the show and food.  Club wise, however, I would lean toward Sevilla.

My dad dancing with one of the flamenco dancers on stage.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is Spanish themed and includes tables around a dance floor.  A full service bar is on the left side of the restaurant, and the dance floor includes a raised stage where we watched the flamenco dancers and band.  We ordered four appetizers and two entrees, which filled up four people.  The restaurant accommodates around 300 people, and all of the tables were completely occupied when we came at 7:45pm for our reservation on a Saturday night.  Reservations can be made on Yelp or the restaurant website, and you will receive text messages notifications on your phone reminding you of your reservation a couple days prior. We ordered all dishes tapas style (compare to family-style where each guest eats a little bit of every dish) from the restaurant, and we were not disappointed in our food or service.   All of the food is authentic Spanish cuisine, and it definitely tasted better than the comparable Sevilla that we visited in Long Beach.  Happy Hour is also offered on the bar and patio at specific dates and times (refer to the website).

The Show

Tapas Flavors of Spain used to be located in Newport Beach and has recently (as of January 2018) relocated to Mission Viejo.  The show started promptly at 8:00pm and went until 9:00pm with no intermission.  The band and dancers really felt like they transported you to Spain.  Their talent was undeniable.  At the end of the show, one of the female dancers invited my dad on stage.  This was quite the pleasant surprise, and our entire party enjoyed the audience participation.  The dancers even changed their clothes after the show and danced with the patrons on the floor when the DJ was brought up, which made the experience feel very intimate.

The Club

The club started after the flamenco show ended at 9:00pm.  At this time there is also security at the door checking identification and requiring a cover charge.  If you want to leave and re-enter, make sure that you get a stamp on your wrist.  There is an outdoor patio area for smokers.  There is also a small taco window on the patio where you can order chicken tacos and top them with a variety of foods.  We ordered 4 chicken tacos and paid $7 before loading them up with toppings.  It was a great way to fix our hunger pangs later in the night, and we ate our tacos while watching people dance inside the club.  The club consisted of a DJ spinning Latin and top 40 music.  It wasn’t as crowded as we anticipated on a Saturday night, and we thought that the club was only filled a quarter to capacity.  Make sure to check the website to see any special events or DJs.  The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00pm to 1:30am.

The Crowd

The crowd varied in age.  Ethan, my parents and I all felt like we were blending in, as there was a distinct mix of people attending.  Some families attended dinner and the flamenco show before leaving when the club opened.  Multiple birthdays were being celebrated.  When the club started, the younger group cleared out leaving room for the adults.  My parents danced the night away on the dance floor and went home exhausted but happy.


Please refer to my post on Sevilla in Long Beach, where it cost $200 for two people to enjoy dinner and a show.  Tapas Flavors of Spain only cost $94 (excluding alcohol) for four people, which included dinner, a show and entry into the club.   This was the best value for our money spent, and we all left very happy with our experience at Tapas Flavors of Spain.

My dad still happily dancing on stage.

Tapas Flavors of Spain Information

27741 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

(949) 367-0373

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Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery/Alta House-Hermosa Beach

Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery/Alta House-Hermosa Beach

What: Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery/Alta House

Where: Hermosa Beach

For: All Ages/21+ at Night

If you are looking for a space with ocean views where you can eat dinner, drink cocktails and take in the sunset then this is the place for you.  Since this is in the heart of Hermosa Beach, it is suggested that guests utilize Uber or Lyft to make their way to Abigaile and Alta House.

The Restaurant

Abigaile serves brunch and dinner, although we’ve only ever been for dinner.  When you walk in, lighting is dark and patrons are met with a gorgeous 15-barrel copper brewing system.  You can choose to eat at the restaurant or at the Alta House that spans the second and third stories.  We generally come here for birthdays and to get together with friends.

The only complaint that I have is that we set a reservation for 8:30pm and we weren’t seated until 9:45pm.  Although this was on a weekend, there should be a dining limit as we were told there were parties that have been there for over 3 hours opening Christmas presents.  The manager tried to make it right by giving us two appetizers and a round of drinks for free, but all eight of us in our party were not happy that they didn’t say anything to the guests that didn’t leave.

Food is good here and changes every so often.  Appetizers are filling, and many times we order different dishes and share them family style.  The portions are bigger than they look.  We generally spend about one hour here before we head upstairs to Alta House.

Alta House

Alta House is on the Second and Third floors of the restaurant.  Foods are served until 10:00pm when the cocktail tables are moved to make way for a dance floor.  The Indoor Lounge on the second floor contains a dance floor, DJ, private seating areas that can be reserved and a full bar.  Although the atmosphere is a bit brighter than normal for a dance club because of the bright white walls, there is ample space for guests earlier in the night.  It starts to get crowded around 11:00pm.  The DJ plays popular music on one end of the lounge, and there are TVs behind the bar.  Single stall men’s’ and women’s’ bathrooms are in the hallway behind the bar.  I would suggest that you walk down the stairs to the multi-stalled bathroom at Abigaile’s to make sure you don’t have a long wait.

At the private booth in Alta House for our friend’s birthday.

The Sundeck Patio has a beautiful fireplace, flat screen TVs and ample seating area.  Many times, this area is rented out to private events because of the beautiful views of the ocean and sunset.  The Rooftop Terrace is an open-air space that gives views directly to the ocean.  This can be rented out for private event space and sometimes has a satellite bar with private bartender.  Sometimes we go to these areas to catch a breather.

The Crowd

There have been different crowds each time we have come here.  During the holidays, private areas are rented out for company holiday parties.  Many people (such as us!) celebrate birthdays here.  Young adults take advantage of the Inside Lounge to dance and drink.


Expect to spend $15 to $25 per person on dinner.  Brunch will be about $15 to $20 per person.  Drinks are an additional $10-$14 each drink depending on what you order.

Abigaile Restaurant & Brewery Information

1301 Manhattan Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 798-8227 and

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Pirates Dinner Adventure-Buena Park

Pirates Dinner Adventure-Buena Park

What: Pirates Dinner Adventure

Where: Buena Park

For: All Ages

Pirates Dinner Adventure was one of the shows that we’ve been wanting to watch for a while.  We took Skylar a few weeks ago and it was not only entertaining, but they promoted a bunch of audience participation as well.  This is a great place to go for special occasions or for a family night out that’s only 30 minutes away from Los Angeles.


When you walk into the facilities, everything is pirate themed from the photo ops at the front to the stores and cast member clothing.  You’re assigned a color of a pirate to cheer on (we were yellow), and depending on the package that was purchased you will also get a headband of the appropriate color.  For adults there is a full-service cash bar (note: they try to sell you cups with their logo and just asked us if a certain size of drink was ok instead of telling us we had to pay for the cup.  This made each of our drinks $20…but we did get a glass souvenir cup that we will use at home).

A variety of complementary appetizers are served by cast members walking around the patrons, and guests are asked to arrive about 45 minutes to 90 minutes prior to showtime.  Pirates are introduced about 30 minutes prior to showtime, and there is an acrobatic aerial performer as well.  When your color pirate is introduced, you will follow him into the dining area where audience members sit in a semi-circle tiered arrangement around a full-sized wooden pirate boat sitting in a moat filled with water.  You can ask for booster seats for younger kids.

The Show

The show was very fun and about 90 minutes long.  It was filled with comedy, singing with audience participation, acrobatics, and (fake) fighting.  We really felt like we were cheering on our pirate.  The dinner and show balance was wonderful, and we were able to enjoy our meal throughout the show without having to worry about anything.

Skylar playing follow-the-pirate.

Twice they asked for the kids from the audience to join them.  The first time the kids went onto the actual ship and played a follow-the-pirate game.  The second time the kids dressed up in soldier garb and ‘defeated’ the loch-ness monster.  Skylar had a blast going up both times and showed off her paper pirate hat that she was given.

Skylar ‘defeating’ the Loch Ness Monster.

After the show ends, the pirates and princess stand outside the doors to the dining area for photo ops.

The Food

We ate tomato soup with chicken, shrimp and veggie skewers, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  The food was pretty good and exceeded my expectations. There are also child, vegan gluten-free and vegetarian dining options.

Ethan and I didn’t finish our meal, but Skylar wasn’t fond of the chicken nugget/mac and cheese/fruit/potato combo that she was given.  I tried her meal and it tasted like everything was heated up in a microwave, so I understood why she didn’t want to touch it.  Waiters walk around constantly filling up your water, coffee, soft drinks (included) and cocktails (extra-cocktails were cheaper to buy inside than pre-show).

The Crowd

There is a time during the show that the pirates read off all the birthdays and special occasions that the audience is celebrating.  This takes about 5 minutes and is announced during time dinner is served, so it goes with the flow of the performance.  Most of the audience there was celebrating something.  The rest of the audience were families peppered with a few schools.  Overall, this is a place to go for any reason for all ages.

Skylar with the Blue Pirate and the Princess after the show.


We waited for a Groupon special to pay for admission.  It was $101 for all three of us.  Drinks brought us up another $40 for a total of $141.  We also tipped the waitress when the show was finished.  All in all, it was definitely worth the money paid with the Groupon.  Considering that regular priced tickets for adults are $61.95 and kids ages 3-11 is $36.94, I would suggest to wait for a Groupon or Living Social deal.  If you sign up on their website, they will also e-mail you promotions (and give you free entry on your birthday).

For all upgrade options, navigate over to the website to check out the different packages.  You can also request a group quote by submitting an inquiry on the website or calling their toll-free number.

Pirates Dinner Adventure Information

7600 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620

(866) 439-2469

Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Pirates Dinner Adventure, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing