The Comedy & Magic Club-Hermosa Beach

The Comedy & Magic Club-Hermosa Beach

What: The Comedy & Magic Club

Where: Hermosa Beach

For: Ages 18+

Ethan and I have been to the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach on numerous occasions.  At the Club, you can watch comedy headliners performing famous stand up, or you can watch a variety of comedians some and perform 10-minute sets each.  We have rarely seen a magician on stage.

The Club

To enter the club, we always buy tickets online.  There is a calendar where you can see which comedian or magician is performing.  There is also a will-call window where you can buy tickets if there is availability that night.  A security guard checks your reservation and identification at the door.  The club is open Tuesdays through Sundays (check the calendar for special events and show times).  All seats are on a first come, first served basis.  Sometimes we have been able to get great seats in the front of the stage.  Other times we have to share a table with another couple or party.  There are booths in the back for larger groups.  Limited rooftop parking is available, and with the plethora of restrictions on street signs I recommend that patrons take an Uber or Lyft over.  Keep in mind that the club is very dark, so make sure to look where you’re stepping and going.  The table seating on the floor can get packed, which makes it difficult to get up and walk around once you’re seated.

The Food

There is a two item per person minimum in the club.  The two items can be a combination of things (i.e. two drinks, a drink and dessert, two entrees, etc.).  The applewood smoked mac and cheese and hot spinach & artichoke dip are our favorites.  If you order one of these entrees to share, it can feed two people.  Servers come around before the show and during the show.  The check is brought out about 10 minutes prior to the end of the show.  Drinks, Appetizers, Salads, Pastas, Entrees and Desserts are all offered to guests.

The Performers

As the venue states, a variety of comedians and magicians come to this club to perform.  Jay Leno comes almost every Sunday (you can tell by the different classic car that parks in the front of the club on Sunday afternoons.  Ethan and I generally come on the weekend for the 10-comedian show.  Some of the comedians are hit and miss depending on the type of comedy.  Make sure to check the show schedule online to see who will be performing.  Every time we have gone to the Comedy & Magic Club, we have left satisfied with the show.

Posters of Famous Comedians Line the Walls.

The Crowd

The dress code is casual, although beach attire is not allowed.  A strict age limit of 18 and above is enforced, with security at the door checking IDs.  The crowd has always been a great audience for the performer(s).  There’s always one or two hecklers that the comedians have to overcome.  Most people are dressed very casually, as it is just a block away from Hermosa Beach.

Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip


Salads run from $16.00 to $19.00,  Entrees range from $19.00 to $30.00, Pastas are from $14.00 to $19.00, with Desserts ranging from $5.50 to $9.50.  Appetizers are $13.50 to $16.00 and   Drinks are $10.50 to $12.00.  The cost for entry into the club ranges from $10 per person to $20 per person depending on the show for the night.  Famous headliners can drive the cost of admission up.

Jerry Seinfield’s Puffy  Shirt

The Comedy & Magic Club Information

1018 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 372-1193

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The Magic Castle-Hollywood

Magic Castle-Hollywood

What: Magic Castle

Where: Hollywood

For: Ages 21+ at Night/All Ages for Weekend Brunch

The Magic Castle is one of the most exclusive magic clubs in the world, requiring membership or sponsorship to enter.  We were fortunate to be invited for weekend brunch, which I attended with my parents and extended family members.

The Castle

The Magic Castle is perched atop a hill at the end of a winding driveway in Hollywood.  Keep traffic in mind, as the Magic Castle is close to the Hollywood Bowl and Dolby Theater.  It is recommended to check the schedule for both venues to ensure you leave with enough time to park and walk into the Castle.  After entering the castle, you can view a variety of magic themed odds and ends.  Lighting is dark with deep red velvet curtains lining the windows and doorways.  A full bar is offered with elegant décor and fixtures.  In addition, classes are offered to any interested novice to advanced magicians.  There is a gift shop to explore for a souvenir of your trip to the Magic Castle.  Showtime flyers are handed to guests upon arrival.

Reservations for brunch and dinner are required, and it is suggested to call in at least one week in advance.  Brunch was served buffet-style in a beautiful Victorian-style ballroom.  Keep in mind that pictures are not allowed in the castle, ballroom, or any of the show areas.

My family on our visit to the Magic Castle.

The Show

The Close-Up Gallery is an intimate venue with comfortable lounge-like seating that consists of magic performed right under patrons’ noses.  This was my favorite venue, as there were tricks performed that I have never seen before.  Skylar had a hard time enjoying it since she couldn’t understand the tricks.  Lines fill up quickly for the room, and I would suggest getting there early to ensure entrance to the show.

The Parlor of Predestination is a medium-sized venue that has magic much like you would see at a county fair or circus.  Magicians used metal rings, ropes, cups, and animals to perform their tricks.  When we went there was a children’s magician that fell short of expectations.  Unfortunately the kids were bored and restless for the brunch time show.

The Palace of Mystery is the largest venue provided.  The show was extravagant and amazing.  Kids and adults were captivated watching the magician and tricks performed.

Smaller show areas also include the W.C. Field Bar and the Peller Theatre which we were not able to experience.

The Crowd

If joining for brunch or dinner (21+), you must have a guest card or sponsor card and bring valid photo identification.  There is a very specific page-long dress code that guests must adhere to (listed on the website) or risk being turned away at the door.


Guest valet charges are $15 per car with door charges ranging from $25 to $35 per person depending on the date and time guests are attending.  Dining charges are an extra $40-$60 per person with drinks at an additional cost.

Magic Castle Information

7701 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA

(323) 851-3313

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Black Rabbit Rose-Hollywood

Black Rabbit Rose-Hollywood

What: Black Rabbit Rose

Where: Hollywood

For: Ages 21+

We found this amazing hidden magician’s studio/comedy club/lounge/restaurant on complete accident.  We were bar hopping on Hollywood Blvd and walked past a man dressed as a magician on the sidewalk.  I asked him if he was a street performer, and he instead told me that he was promoting for a speakeasy through the door behind him called the Black Rabbit Rose.

The Lounge

Not only does the Black Rabbit Rose have beautiful craft cocktails, but it also serves Thai Food from the neighboring restaurant.  The atmosphere is dark and elegant, with a beautiful large bar and plenty of ample seating space.  While we were sipping our drinks at a small table, there was a magician making his way around preforming close-up magic for patrons.  All of the staff was extremely attentive to our needs and continually asked how they could be of service.

Food and cocktails are served from 6:00pm-2:00am Tuesday through Saturday with walk-ins welcome.

The Rose Theatre

Walking down a hallway towards the Rose Theatre was a huge treat.  Three was an old automated fortune teller and tons of magic odds-and-ends to look at.  The theater is also elegant in itself, with deep red velvet tablecloths and limited seating.  We were fortunate enough to sit at a booth in the front, where we took in our surroundings of curio cabinets, book cases, and gorgeous décor.

We were pleased to be entertained by a New Orleans-style band that played beautiful music and promoted audience involvement.  Some of the tables on the floor were pushed aside to make room for a dance floor, which encouraged patrons to dance the night away.  There is also a small bar in the Theatre area to grab drinks during performances.

There is also a late-night dining experience that requires reservations that can be made on the website or by calling the business, with experiences starting at 10:30pm.  Since there is limited seating, I strongly suggest having a reservation.

The Crowd

There is a dress code that’s enforced at all times.  The website states that you should ‘dress to impress’.  Make sure you don’t show up with shiny shirts, shorts, sports gear, logos, flip flops, and baseball/snapback hats.  The crowd seemed more nicely dressed than the other bars that we went to that night.  Everyone was kind, helpful, and seemed to be having a good time.


We didn’t have the chance to eat here, but we did grab a few cocktails.  They were priced reasonably for the area, at around $15 a pop.  I took the opportunity to look at the food menu as well, and the Thai options are also reasonably priced.  Ethan and I ended up spending about $65 here during our stay, which is worth it for a lounge with traveling close-up musician, drinks, and New Orleans-Style band.

Black Rabbit Rose Information

1719 N. Hudson Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 461-1464

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