Discovery Cube OC/Discovery Cube LA-Los Angeles and Orange County

Discovery Cube OC/Discovery Cube LA-Los Angeles and Orange County

What: Discovery Cube OC/Discovery Cube LA

Where: Los Angeles and Orange County

Summer 2018 Dinosaur Exhibit.

For: All Ages

The kids have been to Discovery Cube OC on many different occasions.  It makes for an entire fun filled day with the whole family.  There is an indoor and outdoor area filled with activities that promote learning.  Each time I’ve been to Discovery Cube OC, I’ve learned a lot of new things that I never knew.

Entrance to Discovery Cube OC.

The Ongoing Exhibits

Exhibits change seasonally (please check the corresponding websites for current exhibits) and are different in Orange County and Los Angeles.  In Orange County, the ongoing exhibits include: Mission Control (kids can complete a space mission inside a replica of the Jet Propulsion Lab’s control room), Helicopter Tour (fly in a virtual helicopter over Orange County’s landmarks), Water Gallery (a scientific look at water’s impact on the planet), Inspector Training Course (learn how to navigate your garden while eliminating vectors), PetersonVille Healthy Kitchen (kid’s cooking class with real food), Interactive Exhibits (cloud ring, rock wall, seismograph, shake-shack, hurricane), Science of Hockey (learn about and play hockey), Boeing Rocket Lab (learn about how rockets work), Discovery Theater (short feature films scheduled throughout the day), Planetary Research Station (learn all about weather on earth), and the Eco Station (save the world as a superhero).

Dinosaur Summer 2018 Exhibit.

The Exhibits in Discovery Cube LA include the Aquavator (descend into the earth’s crust with a special elevator), Discovery Market (learn the importance of making healthy choices when you shop) and Park Science.  The Science of Hockey, Planetary Research Station, 3D Theater, Helicopter Tour (pertains to LA landmarks), Race to Zero Waste and Inspector Training Course is the same as the Discovery Cube OC.

Aquvator Exhibit

There is a small healthy eating area with restaurant in the Discovery Cube.  They offer healthier options of snacks and lunch for the kids.  I can be very crowded around lunch time, so I would suggest going earlier in the day.

Bubblemania Bubble Fest

The Seasonal Exhibits

Currently, there is a Dinosaur exhibit going on for the summer.  I took Skylar here last year, and she had an amazing time looking at the life-sized animatronic versions of dinosaurs.  We’ve also been when there was a Dora the Explorer themed exhibit that taught kids about the rainforest and how to speak Spanish.  One of our favorite times there was when we went to watch Bubblemania and a Bubble Show.  Please check online for information about seasonal exhibits.

With Skylar and my Father at the Dinosaur Exhibit

The Crowd

It gets very crowded on weekends and later in the day.  Parking also becomes harder when there are bigger crowds.  I suggest coming when it opens so that there aren’t many lines for the little ones.

Skylar at the Garden Exhibit.


Adult admission is $19.95 and children admission (ages 3-14) is $14.95.  Check Living Social and Groupon for any deals to use.  For extra shows or exhibits there is an extra charge per person.  The discovery theater is an extra $3.00 per person.

Discovery Cube Information

Orange County: 2500 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA 91705

(714) 913-5040

Los Angeles: 11800 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91342

(818) 686-2823

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The Grove/The Original Farmers Market-Los Angeles

The Grove/The Original Farmers Market-Los Angeles

What: The Grove/The Original Farmers Market

Where: Los Angeles

For: All Ages

The Grove and Farmers Market is literally somewhere you can spend all day.  Not only may you catch a celebrity sighting or two, but there are always so many things to do.  I used to take Skylar all the time when she was younger.  We loved watching movies, going into the stores and trying out the amazing food at the market.

The Grove

During the summer, they have a concert series with some pretty famous singers.  There is a nice grassy area that families can set up with a blanket and picnic while they’re watching the concert.   Every so often there is a fashion show as well (check the website for special event information). There is also a double-decker trolley that’s on a track.  It allows you to jump on and off whenever you please while it makes its way from one end of The Grove to the other.  A movie theater plays all the new releases and sits right in the center of the venue.  A dancing fountain shows at regular intervals and is beautiful to watch.  If you’re a regular visitor to The Grove, make sure to sign up for the kids club so you can be first to find out about special family-friendly events.

The grove has a variety of stores, ranging from common chains that you would find in any mall to higher end luxury boutiques.  What’s interesting about the stores is that they’re truly glamorized to reach the Hollywood crowd.  For example, the Abercrombie and Fitch is three stories high and has fit shirtless male models that welcome shoppers.  There are also a variety of sit-down restaurants around The Grove.  Although I would suggest saving money and exploring the Farmers Market, some of the restaurants have outside seating that allow guests to people watch (and, as I said…maybe have a celebrity sighting!)  One of our favorite dessert places is Sprinkles (I’ll probably post about this later).  They have the most amazing cupcakes we’ve ever had…we even grab ‘pupcakes’ for the dog when we go there.  There is always something to do at the Grove by yourself, as a couple or with the family.

The Farmer’s Market

Although not affiliated with The Grove, the Farmers Market is attached to the huge outdoor mall.  There are two separate parking lots specifically for the Farmer’s Market.  The merchants include an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.  Seating is outside on a first-come first-served basis.  Generally if we go with a group, we make sure that we have a table to sit at first (these fill up easily) prior to getting our food.  Since there is such a large variety of food offered, many times people in our group all go to different places to eat.

At the shops, you will find a variety of odds and ends.  There is one place that more types of hot sauce than you can imagine.  Another only sells hats.  All in all, there are about 100 shops and restaurants to choose from in the Farmers Market.  Please check the website for days and hours of operation.

The Crowd

As I mentioned before, I’ve been to the Grove alone, as a couple and with my family.  Every time it has been amazing, and the crowd has been a joy to interact with.


Parking at the Grove has various options.  Self-parking is a maximum of $24 per day (make sure to get validation if you don’t want to pay so much).  Valet parking is offered, and there are specific drop-off areas for Uber and Lyft.  Please check the website for more information.  Parking at Farmers Market is $30 maximum per day for self-parking, but it offers validation as well.

The Grove/The Original Farmers Market Information

The Grove: 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 900-8080

The Original Farmers Market: 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 939-9211

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Exchange Los Angeles-DTLA

Exchange Los Angeles-DTLA

What: Exchange Los Angeles

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: Ages 21+

Exchange LA is one of the nightclubs that we enjoy going to with our friends in a large group.  We generally come around 11:00pm to end our night dancing to great music.  We have come here to celebrate special occasions for bottle service and to dance to world-renown DJs.

The Club

Exchange has four floors, spans over 25,000 square feet and contains six full-service bars. Patrons can pay a premium for VIP rooms with bottles and table service.  The DJ booth sits in the front of the club and coordinates with fog and confetti machines that spray into the crowd at designated times.  Valet parking is available, and numerous self-park lots surround the venue.

When we decide to pay for bottle service, it is cheaper to split it among a large group.  The good thing about bottle service on the dance floor is that you have your own designated and roped-off area to dance in.  The bad thing is that it is literally in the middle of the dance floor…meaning that drunk people on the other side of the couches usually sit on the top of the couches or occasionally try to pour themselves a drink from your table.  There is a second-floor mezzanine level that has bottle service options available, however I find it best to be a main part of the action on the dance floor.  Bars can get very busy the later it gets into the night.  Expect to wait each time you want a refill on your drink.  I’ve never been able to walk straight up and back without at least a few people waiting in front of me.

View from the Mezzanine

VIP Rooms

The Sky Loft accommodates up to 35 guests and is an exclusive and posh private space.  It offers a bird’s-eye view of the main dance floor and comes with its own wait staff for guests and is available for private rental.

Sky Loft

The Rockefeller Room accommodates up to 50 guests and can be accessed by the main dance floor.  Some private parties bring their own DJs although you can experience the music from the main dance floor just as well.

Rockefeller Room

The Gallery is on the first floor of Exchange and is generally open when the club is open.  There is a separate DJ and the space accommodates up to 250 guests.  This is the first room that you pass after you pay your cover charge to get into the club.  Each time we have been here the Gallery has been fairly crowded.

The Gallery

The Crowd

Please check Exchange’s website for a dress code, as security has historically been turned away people who don’t abide by the code away at the door.  Most guests dress up in more formal cocktail attire.  Exchange LA also hosts different events where patrons can dress in costume depending on the theme.

Ethan and Me at Exchange LA.


Valet parking is $15 per car, not including tip.  Bottle Service has cost us $600 for a night which we split among a minimum of 8 people.  Drinks span from $13 to $16 depending on what is ordered.  Each time we have come here, the cover charge has spanned from $10 to $20 per person depending on the nightly events and time that we have entered the club.

Exchange Information

618 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 627-8070

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The Edison-DTLA

The Edison-DTLA

What: The Edison

The Ember Parlor

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: Ages 21+

This weekend, Ethan and I finished our June 2018 Staycation in Downtown Los Angeles, and The Edison was our first stop.  You enter this themed bar through an alleyway and are led down a stairway to a speakeasy in the basement of a business building filled with ornate décor, a burlesque show and silent movies playing on screens.

Antique Industrial Decor 

The Theme

The Edison is an eclectic mix of science, art and industry.  The 1920’s theme is apparent from the second you walk in.  A two-story chandelier made of naked hanging light bulbs leads you down two sets of stairs to the bottom floor of the speakeasy.  Women please note that the floor is very slippery, and I felt my heels sliding under me (it’s a wonder I didn’t fall!).  There are urban industrial machines around the restaurant.  Seating areas range from tables to lounge chairs with dim lighting.  Three movie screens line the walls of the dance floor area with silent movies playing.  A DJ booth sits to the right of the stage overlooking a dance floor for guests that stay later into the night.  Even the bathroom area has a working industrial gold sink where guests can wash their hands.  For smokers, there is an indoor smoking area on the first floor where you can bring your cocktails and smoke while sitting in a plush lounge area with shoe shine station.  Large fans pull the smoke out from the room to the outside.  The theme is very well put together, making for a great intimate setting in this hidden speakeasy.

Chest of Absinthe Shots

The Restaurant

You are able to make reservations online or by calling The Edison (information below).  Check the website for times that you can call for a reservation, as there are specific time slots that the restaurant is open to accept calls.  After 7:00pm, there is a food and beverage minimum of $25 per person on Wednesdays and Thursdays and minimum of $50 per person minimum on Fridays and Saturdays.  Please Note that if you get a drink at the bar, it can not be transferred over to your reservation or used as a contribution to your minimum.  We weren’t too pleased with finding this out since we were considering making a reservation for a table.  There is an 18% gratuity that is applied to parties with 6 or more guests.  If you do not have a reservation, there is a cover charge of $10 per person and you are only offered standing room areas.  Dining areas include The Generator Lounge (sit down area), The Music Room, The Ember Parlor, The Game Room, and The Tesla Lounge (all four are for reservation only for private parties).  The Well is a seated lounge area.

Real Generators in the Generator Lounge

Drinks are about $15 each, with specialized cocktails.  There are two bars: the Main Bar (wheelchair accessible) and the Lab Bar.  The food served is American themed, with appetizers starting at $9 and entrees going up to about $40 per person.  There are cost differences for other food offerings, and the entire menu is available on The Edison’s website.  There was a lady dressed as a fairy walking around with a cart that held a box filled with little vials of absinthe shots (not real absinthe, but she swore it was the strength of a high proof tequila).  Ethan and I decided to try it for $11.  It tasted like black liquorice and I ended up giving the small bottle to Ethan to finish since I didn’t like the aftertaste.  The bottle was so cute that I carried it around in my clutch the entire night and it’s now at our home.

Taking the Absinthe Shot

The Show

The show takes places on the stage in The Lab at 10:00pm. 11:00pm and 12:00pm.  Although shows vary  (see the events calendar on The Edison’s website), the bar is known for its burlesque performance.  We were pleased to find that we didn’t need to have a seated reservation to view the show.  We merely walked from where we were standing to the center of the dance floor to watch.  There were four girls dressed in burlesque outfits dancing to four nicely choreographed songs.  The performance was about 20 minutes, and Ethan and I agreed that it was a nice addition to the atmosphere.

Ethan Lounging in one of the Antique Chairs

The Crowd

We arrived here around 9:20pm and it was not crowded.  All of the seating areas were reserved for guests, so it was standing room only.  Although people gathered around the dance floor to watch the burlesque show on the stage, there was plenty of room for everyone.  Groups of people came together dressed in 1920’s garb, which was nice to see.  Most of the crowd was 20- and 30-year-olds.  Please check the website regarding dress code, as the door is able to turn away people who do not abide by the rules of The Edison.

The Shared Metal Sink in the Bathroom


We paid $20 for admission and $34 for two drinks plus the $11 for the “absinthe” shot.  Overall, we were happy with spending $65 out of pocket for drinks and a show in this speakeasy.  For those making reservations, you should expect to spend a minimum of $100 depending on what type of food and how many drinks you order.  This is a great place that I would love to come back to for a special occasion.

The Edison Information

108 W. 2nd Street #101, Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 613-0000

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Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens-Los Angeles

Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens-Los Angeles

What: Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Where: Glendale

For: All Ages

Ethan and I planned a day to explore the Zoo with the kids when they were 3 and 4 years old.  We all had a great time, although I think it would be wise to take them back now that they’re older and can appreciate the animals more.  You can expect to spend 4-6 hours at the zoo, which makes for a full day of fun with the animals!

Skylar and me with the giraffes.

The Zoo Basics

We decided to take a day trip to the LA Zoo with the kids two years ago during the summer.  Keep in mind during the time that if it is hot outside or raining that you will probably not see many animals.  Since it was very hot, we made sure to bring the strollers so the kids wouldn’t get too tired.  When you buy your tickets, you’re handed a zoo map that allows you to plan your visit.  There is a gift shop on the inside when you walk in, and restaurants are scattered around the zoo.  We brought lunches for the kids and bought them dessert from the restaurant.

Ethan and Emma watching the giraffes.

Wheelchairs and single/double strollers are for rent on a first-come first-served basis.  Food and drinks are permitted in the Zoo, as picnic tables are provided for guests around the Zoo grounds.  There is a large parking lot for Zoo guests with free parking.  If you come later in the day, be prepared for a long walk to the entrance.  Membership, educational, and internship programs are offered by the Zoo (please check their website for details).

The Animals

Despite the hot day, the kids were able to see many animals.  Some of the fences to the exhibits were even close enough for them to feel like they were a part of the animals’ habitat.  They really liked looking at the gorillas and monkeys, as there was only a glass window separating them from the animals.  At the monkey area, there is a section of stadium seating where you can eat your food and watch the monkeys play.  The elephants and giraffes were also amazing to watch with he kids.  We enjoyed walking through the reptile exhibit since it was inside and air conditioned.  Signs throughout the zoo give you directions to the different exhibits.

The kids loved watching the monkeys.

There is a small barnyard petting zoo available in the kids area near the playground.  Here, the kids are able to get up close and personal with the animals.  They enjoyed petting the goats, sheep and pigs.  There is also a wild bird show that proves very entertaining for both adults and children.

Three little monkeys.

The Crowd

The zoo is a very family friendly area with a mix of people in the crowd.  Because of the heat, there were not as many people walking around.  Keep in mind that almost everything is outdoors, so check the weather before making the drive out.


Parking is free and admission was about $80 for two adults and two kids.  Depending on where you dine, you can expect to pay $10 to $20 per person.  Desserts run from $3 to $6 per person.  No alcoholic beverages are served on Zoo grounds.

Skylar and me when she was just 6 months old at the Zoo!

Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens Information

5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 644-4200

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The Westin Bonaventure-DTLA

The Westin Bonaventure-DTLA

What: The Westin Bonaventure

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: All Ages/Nightlife for Adults

Our stay at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites was a great part of our March staycation.  It’s right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and this swanky hotel offers everything you need for a night out without even stepping foot outside.

The Hotel

The Westin Bonaventure is a recognizable hotel directly off the freeway sporting three tall towers interconnected by bridges.  After parking in valet of this extravagant hotel, you are led down a hall with movie posters of films that were filmed in and around the hotel. The three towers of hotel rooms with corresponding colors and glass elevators.  Amenities include a fitness room, business center, pool deck, and pet friendly hotel.  There is a full-service bar in the center of the lobby along with a lobby bistro that transforms into a bar/club at night by the entrance and LA Prime Steakhouse on the 35th floor.

The Room

Rooms are beautiful, with floor to ceiling windows and great views of the cities.  We had trouble finding an ice machine because of the layout of the hotel.  Room service options are available albeit pricey.  The beds, pillows and bedding are like sleeping on a cloud. Décor is modern, and you’re provided with an in room safe and mini fridge.

The Revolving Bonavista Lounge

I was so excited to try this lounge on the 34th floor before our night out.  We had two cocktails and sat at a two-person table with floor-to-ceiling windows.  The lounge offers a small variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts.  Rotations are about five degrees per minute, with a full rotation taking a little over an hour.

The Crowd

I only saw adults the entire time we were here.  The vibe of the hotel is expensive, elegant and classy.  Patrons take care to dress up when they are at the different bars and hotels here.


This was one of the more expensive hotels we stayed at.  A one-night stay was $207 with parking at $49/night and no self-park options.  The Bonavista Lounge food options range from $16 to $25 per person, with cocktails averaging $18.  We ended up leaving the Westin Bonaventure about $300 out of pocket.

The Westin Bonaventure Information

404 S. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 624-1000

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Bottega Louie-DTLA

Bottega Louie-DTLA

What: Bottega Louie

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: All Ages

I used to work in Downtown Los Angeles, and this was my favorite place to go to bring some beautiful looking pastries home for my family.  I used to stop in weekly to either eat lunch or grab some desserts.  Although this is a higher-end and higher-priced restaurant and patisserie, the pure aesthetic beauty of everything makes it a spot everyone should visit at least once.

The Patisserie

Bottega Louie is known for its macarons that they have in a rainbow of colors and flavors under a glass display panel for everyone walking in through the ornate glass and gold doors.  You can order the macarons individually or in sets of five, which the workers put in a beautiful gift box and tie off with ribbon.  Every time I get a box of macarons (5 for $12.50), I don’t want to open it because the packaging is so pretty.  The kids and I love the vanilla and birthday cake macarons.

On the back wall of the patisserie, there is a wall of products (candies, cookies, jams, coffee, chocolates, etc.) in gift boxes for different occasions.  They also have seasonal cakes and pastries on display.  Ethan’s favorite was the chocolate éclair ($4.50).  Pastries served range from individual servings to large cakes for parties.  You can also customize cakes for any occasion.

I was able to try a variety of pastries over the 20-odd times that I’ve been to Bottega Louie, but I haven’t really been in love with anything they offered.  The beauty of the presentation is what kept me going back, not the taste.

The Restaurant

Bottega Louie’s restaurant has different hours than its café and patisserie.  Ethan and I stopped by for brunch one time and the wait was over ninety minutes.  I usually came here for lunch with coworkers with a short wait time if we came during the earlier part of the lunch hour.  Full bar service is offered in the restaurant, which seats 255 patrons.  The black, white, and gold scheme makes the restaurant very impressive to patrons.

The Food

I’ve only ever ordered a pizza here ($25) for lunch, which was delivered to our table extremely fast.  The pizzas have very thin crusts and fresh ingredients.  One pizza and large salad ($15) can feed two people.  I usually ordered two pizzas so we had some to take home afterwards. There is a variety of wine options that range from $12 to $20 a glass.

Breakfast will average you about $20-$25 per person, and brunch is served on weekends.  Cocktails average $14 a pop.

The Crowd

You will find a ‘typical’ LA crowd here at all times.  Most people are dressed up or coming in for work breaks in business attire.  Kids love looking at the different pastries and picking out their macarons.  Because of the price point, many people spend a long time at the restaurant.


I have spent SO much money here.  I don’t think I’ve ever left paying less than $30 for some macarons and a pastry or two for the kids.  Lunch averages about $60 to $80 for two each time, and breakfast for two was $50 (not including pastries/dessert).

Bottega Louie Information

700 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

(213) 802-1470

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Beetle House LA-Hollywood

Beetle House LA-Hollywood

What: Beetle House LA

Where: Hollywood

For: Ages 21+

Beetle House LA is one of the most interesting themed bars that we’ve been to.  We happened to be walking by and looked into a door to see a character actor dressed as Johnny Depp’s character Willy Wonka.  This drew us in and we were transported to a bar tribute to all things Halloween.

The Theme

Beetle House LA is dedicated to all things Tim Burton and Halloween. Purple neon signs lead you up a flight of stairs that dead ends into a skeleton attached to the ‘wheel of death’.  Macabre pictures line the bar with glowing outlines enhanced by black light.  A scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas is displayed on the left side of the bar.  A life-sized Oogie Boogie looks over patrons in the DJ booth.

The Bar

There was ample seating at the bar, and we were served very quickly.  Halloween themed music played over the speakers, and there was always something to look at.  Every meticulous detail was thought of, from the glowing spiderwebs to the types of drinks.  Ethan and I ordered the Big Fish Bowl that turned out to be an electric-blue smoking cauldron of deliciousness.

Willy Wonka and Edward Scissorhands walked around the bar area and took pictures with patrons.  There is a dance area by the DJ booth for adults later in the night.  Table seating is on the opposite end of the bar while there are booths peppered around for more casual seating.

The Restaurant

Although we didn’t eat at the restaurant, we didn’t even know it existed until we saw a family walk past us through a spiderweb-like tunnel.  We asked to go in and walked into a cozy dark restaurant.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was playing on a large projector screen while character actors walked among tables of the diners for entertainment. There is also a mini show provided during your meal.

The Sweeny Beef served at the Restaurant.

Kids are allowed at the restaurant, but keep in mind that the darkness and realness of the atmosphere and actors could scare them.  Reservations are required for dinner, as the dining area is very small.  If the restaurant is not to capacity, they accept walk ins on a first come first serve basis.

The Crowd

What we loved most about the crowd was that many people dressed up specifically to come to Beetle House LA.  Men and women dressed in Halloween garb, black and white stripped outfits and fishnets.  This is definitely a place that you could spend a couple hours at for dinner and drinks based on the amount of entertainment they provide.


Drinks are a little overpriced, with our two-person drink checking out at $36.  There was a large amount of alcohol in the Big Fish Bowl, so it felt like we were getting four drinks for the price of one.  The restaurant has a fixed menu and is generally $40-$45 per person.

Beetle House Information

6536 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

(2929) 291-0337

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The Standard-DTLA

The Standard-DTLA

What: The Standard

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: All Ages/Nightlife for Adults

During one of our staycations, we decided to stay at The Standard in Los Angeles.  This is a quirky boutique hotel in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  We had a really fun night here and ended up exploring both the hotel and the city.

The Hotel

The hotel itself is filled with interesting things to look at despite its bland grey exterior.  There is a 24/7 restaurant where you can order food and drinks in the lobby.  They have a ping pong room that’s open daily, and there’s an outdoor firepit to relax by in the lobby.  The hotel itself is filled with bright and bold colors.  The signs are upside-down, and the common areas are not over-decorated.

The Room

We had a standard guest room that was near the top floor of the 207-room hotel.  The room had scarce furniture, with a large bed in the middle.  There was a desk spanning the length of the bedroom wall with George Orwell’s 1984 on it instead of the standard Holy Bible.  One chair stood in the corner, and an open shower separated the room from the bathroom.  Keep in mind that when I say open shower I mean a shower with no doors or curtains, so your significant other will be able to watch you wash yourself.  One thing that I don’t normally like is that the toilet was separate from the double sinks and there was a little door to separate the toilet from everything in a small closet-like room.

The views from the room were breathtaking.  You could see a panoramic view of Los Angeles from the floor-to-ceiling windows that spanned the length of an entire bedroom wall.

The Rooftop

The roof of the standard contains a large heated pool with water-bed-like cabanas surrounding it.  There is ample lounge seating with a DJ spinning later in the night.  We had to go on our phones and buy tickets for the Rooftop because it was considered a ‘special event’.  I didn’t realize that you were required to walk outside along the entire perimeter of the hotel prior to entering from an outer door to access an elevator that brings you to the pool.  Although it made the trip longer, it didn’t slow us down for the night.  Make sure to check the hours the Rooftop is open on the hotel’s website.

The Crowd

This was one of the hotels that I most felt like they were targeting the millennial crowd. From the atmosphere to the quirkiness of the hotel, the common areas were filled with 20- and 30-somethings.  I didn’t see any kids or families my entire stay at the hotel.  Everyone that worked there was friendly and dressed sharply.  I found out that there is a sister Standard Hotel in Hollywood which I would like to try out soon.


We booked our hotel through and had to place a credit card on hold for a $150 deposit for incidentals.  Parking is valet for $45 overnight (there is no self-parking option).  Entry into the Poolside Lounge was $20/person, and drinks took us to $17/drink.

The Standard Information

550 S. Flower, Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 892-8080

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