Corvette Diner – Mission Bay (San Diego)

Corvette Diner-Mission Bay (San Diego)

Sky and Emma at the Entrance of Corvette Diner

What: Corvette Diner

Where: Mission Bay (San Diego)

For: All Ages

My cousin recommended that we try out Corvette Diner when we told her that we were taking the kids to San Diego for a few days.  It was a short drive from the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, and it exceeded all expectations.

Corvette Diner

The Diner

When you walk into the diner, you’re immediately transported to the 1950’s.  There is a beautiful classic corvette behind the host stand, and the wait was about 40 minutes long.  We didn’t mind the wait because there was a full-service bar that we ordered drinks from before taking the kids to the back of the restaurant to play as many games as they could before we were called to be seated.  The restaurant also boasts a DJ booth with DJ spinning tunes from the 50’s and checkerboard dance floor.  Another dessert bar is in the back of the restaurant, and patrons are allowed to sit and order floats, Sundays, etc. 

Inside the Diner

Old movies, cartoons and music videos play in black-and-white in the back dining room.  Booths and tables are in the two other rooms, and there is ample space for everything from two-somes to large parties.  There was even a balloon artist that came around to each table and made balloon sculptures for each of the kids (he worked on tips!). 

The Kids with their Balloon Butterfly Wings

The waiters and waitresses were dressed appropriate to the decade, and the waitress really had a great connection to the kids.  She not only brought everyone at the table ‘Corvette Diner’ hats, but she brought extra for their baby dolls also.  After some online research, I was able to see that there are options to book our rooms for parties and corporate events.

Sky and Emma with their Corvette Diner Hats

The Food

The food was very much American Comfort food.  Ethan and I both ordered burgers that were so large we couldn’t finish them.  The kids ordered a hot dog and macaroni and cheese, and the portions were large for them as well. 

Ice Cream Floats

When the waitress brought the kids their lemonade, she put a top on the cup and put sprinkles and a cherry on top (which blew their little minds).  The food was made well, and we left with full stomachs and the desire to come back.  The second day we were there, I ordered an Oreo shake that was to die for.

The Fun Zone

The Fun Zone

We were super surprised that there was an entire arcade in the back of the diner.  A few party rooms were available for rental and dining as well.  Party eat and play packages were offered to patrons for an affordable price.  You’re able to play using a card instead of tokens, and you need to pre-pay prior to sitting down at any games. 

Ethan and the Kids Playing Pinball

Ethan ended up purchasing the most expensive play card, and the kids not only had enough credits to play the entire night, but we came back the next day to finish playing.  There is also an area where the kids can redeem their tokens.  I would compare this to a higher-end and cleaner Chuck-E-Cheese with affordable pricing.


The Crowd

The clientele is definitely family-centric with the theme, staff and arcade.  It is very loud and busy, although that’s what we would expect coming to this diner.  The area is also very safe and clean, and we came out earlier in the day to take the kids around and look out at the bay before finishing using our gaming credits.

Other Dining Areas


Our bill was only $50 (including tip) for dinner.  We tipped the balloon man $5, and the highest level play pass was $50.  Drinks ranged from $10-$12 with desserts costing from $6 to $10.   The experience was so good that I convinced my cousins and parents to come down the following week to experience the magic of this diner.

Corvette Diner Information

2965 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

(619) 542 – 1476

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Mulligan Family Fun Center-Torrance

Mulligan Family Fun Center-Torrance

What: Mulligan Family Fun Center

Where: South Bay

For: All Ages

One night, Ethan and I decided that we wanted to go to the batting cages and found the Mulligan Family Fun Center.  We ended up staying for about two hours and playing mini golf also, which ended up being a fun night!

The Inside

When you walk in, you are overwhelmed with a large amount of stimulation.  Lights and sounds from the arcade games combined with the sound of people having fun make it hard for conversation.  Food, lazer tag and arcade games are offered inside.  Lazer tag is an extra cost and in a separate room.  Cashiers are nearby the entrance with a prize area attached.  The dining area is in the front with separate group party rooms lining the walls around the arcade.  A good amount of arcade games are offered throughout the building.  Bathrooms weren’t as clean as I’d prefer, but overall the place looked clean and picked up.

The Outside

Go-karts, paddle boats, miniature golf, a rock wall and batting cages are offered outside.  Keep in mind that there are two separate 18-hole themed golf courses allowed.  There were a lot of people playing mini-golf which caused us to wait for two to three groups to finish for each hole.  Go-karts have an age and height requirement, but rookie go-karts are offered for the younger guest.  The rock wall and paddle boards have weight requirements.  Softball and hardball are both offered in the batting cages.  There wasn’t any line for the cages when we went, and we were able to hit many rounds of pitches before we switched to mini golf.


The Food

Combo food deals are offered at affordable prices.  Pizza, soft drinks, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads and various sides are offered. We saw a bunch of families eating pizza together.  Keep in mind that there’s a sign that says it takes about 30 minutes for food to be delivered.  Since we arrived towards the end of the night, they closed the cashiers to new orders.  Beer and wine are offered.  Expect to spend about $10 per person for food.  No outside food or drink are allowed.

The Crowd

This is definitely a family friendly place that children of all ages can enjoy.  Some older kids were dropped off by their parents to run around.  There were couples on dates and families with small children playing mini golf.  This is a place that you can spend the better part of your day with the entire family at.


There are fun card packages that are available for game play with a $1 activation fee per card.  All day passes are offered for $40 as well.  Check the website for activity prices.  We walked away spending less than $30 for the batting cages and mini golf.

Mulligan Family Fun Center Information

1351 West Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501

(310) 325-3950

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What: EightyTwo

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: Ages 21+

EightyTwo is a retro arcade bar in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  Ethan and I have been here twice with a group of friends.  If you are interested in playing classic arcade and pinball games with a beer in hand, this is the place for you.

The Bar

Entrance into EightyTwo is on a first-come first-served basis, so it’s suggested to come early on the weekends before the bar reaches capacity.  EightyTwo’s setup includes two arcade areas separated by an outdoor patio area.  One room is filled with pinball machines while the other contains a full bar with arcade games.  The outdoor area has ample seating at tables and benches.  Each night there is either a food truck, bbq pit or taco stand in the parking lot out front.  A full bar is offered to guests, with the cocktail menu changing seasonally.  Ten rotating draft beers, pressed juices, soft drinks and coffee are also served.

The Arcade

This adults-only arcade offers fifty pinball and arcade machines that rotate.  All arcade games range from 1978-1994 and cost $0.25 to play.  Pinball machines are drawn from the 70s to present day and cost $0.50.  All games utilize quarters, and two onsite change machines accept $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. EightyTwo is the home of the LA Pinball League, and the bar offers gaming tournaments, food trucks and DJs.  You can participate in the bi-monthly Street Fighter II tournament while your game session is broadcast on a projector above the bar.

The Crowd

There is a vibrant mix of people at EightyTwo.  It was very crowded on the weekends and some games had a line to play.  It was difficult to get to drinks at the bar since there is only one on the far wall of the arcade room.  People were standing in groups around the machines trying to get the bartenders’ attention.  There were no waits for the pinball machines, and it was easier to talk to people outside since the music wasn’t as loud as inside.


There was no cover charge and drinks are $10 to $13 each.  With the low price of game play, we were able to leave with a tab of less than $100.  Considering that we stayed here for about four hours and were entertained the entire time, this was definitely worth it.

Eighty Two Information

707 E. 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 626-8200

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