Sevilla-Long Beach

Sevilla-Long Beach

What: Sevilla

Where: Long Beach

For: Ages 21+

Last weekend, Ethan and I had the pleasure of going to Sevilla in Downtown Long Beach for a Flamenco show while eating authentic Spanish cuisine.  The restaurant then transformed into a dance club where we danced until the early hours of the morning.

The Restaurant

There is a main restaurant downstairs with an outdoor and indoor area.  Throughout the week there are live performers and bands for guests.  A full bar is offered along with authentic Spanish food.  Take out and delivery options are available every weeknight.  Plates are served tapas style, meaning that they are meant to be shared.  Happy hour and brunch are offered with hours listed on their website.

We bought a Groupon for Sevilla Cafe’s Flamenco show online for $99.  This included the show and dinner for two people.  You have to call ahead to make a reservation and give the hostess your reservation number.  Make sure you arrive at 6:30pm, as the show starts at 7:00pm (Flamenco shows are only on Saturday).  The restaurant is downstairs whereas the show room is upstairs and accessible by an outer door and two stairways.  Dinner is a pre-set meal with a salad served as a starter, an entrée and dessert.  We didn’t really eat our salads, as we were waiting anxiously for our main plate, the traditional Paella Valenciana. This entrée was comprised of mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, prawns, chicken and grilled sausages on a bed of Spanish rice.  Not only was it a huge portion, but its taste could transport a guest to Spain without the airfare.  Dessert was a choice of Crema Catalana or Lemon Tart.

The Show

The show was done on a raised stage in front of patrons.  All performers previously lived or studied their art in Spain.  There were two male musicians and two female dancers.  All performers were available for hire for events.  The music, costumes and dancing were all amazing.  The show went on for an hour with a twenty minute break when entrees were served.  The main performer went around to each table to thank them for their patronage.  Guests who were celebrating special events were honored and allowed to participate in dancing on stage.  Ethan and I were pleased to experience authentic cuisine and performances from the show.

One odd thing that I thought was worth mentioning was that the mirrors in the bathrooms had small sections of mirror that were meant to be artful.  You can’t see your entire face in the mirror and have to move your face around awkwardly to see any part of your face.  The sinks look motion censored but instead you have to reach far below the extending mirror to turn it on and off.

The Club

The show area is transformed into a popular night club at night.  If you save your receipt from the Flamenco Show then the door takes half off your cover charge.  You need to present your ID before entering and make sure that the bouncer gives you a stamp on your wrist for re-entry.  The DJ spins popular modern dance music.  There are two bars on either side of the club.  The bar closest to the entrance has a narrow area to walk up to that makes it difficult to stand in any sort of line.  The bar on the far side of the club 360 degrees.  The only bad thing about this bar is that since half of it serves an elevated dance floor, it looks like you either have to get on your knees or bend over tremendously to speak to the bartender and get your drink.  We discovered that the seating sections around the back bar were not roped off or very crowded, giving us an area to claim as our own for the night.

The Crowd

There was a mix of people at the main restaurant downstairs.  The Flamenco Show included people celebrating marriage anniversaries, birthdays and date nights.  The show is only for patrons over the age of 10.  At the night club, there were mostly millennials.  A fun fact was that they passed out glow sticks halfway through the night.



The Groupon for a three-course meal and show for two people cost $99.  Ethan and I each also had two drinks during dinner.  When the final bill came, the price was $97 as a cumulation of four drinks, two dinners and a show.  It also includes a 3% fee and additional 18% gratuity based on the total value of the show (not the Groupon value).  This meant that we ended up paying almost twice the price we originally expected.  Please keep this in mind prior to attending the show.

For the downstairs restaurant, expect to spend between $25 and $30 per person on food.  Drinks range from $8-$15 depending on guests’ preference.

For the night club, drinks cost $12-$15 per drink and were poured with a slightly heavy hand.

Sevilla Cafe and Nightclub Information

140 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 495-1111

Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Sevilla, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing

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