Once Upon An Island-Newport Beach

Once Upon An Island-Newport Beach

What: Once Upon an Island

The family celebrating the mermaids.

Where: Newport Beach

For: Kids

Have your kids ever wanted to transform into an actual mermaid?  At One Upon An Island they can!  From mermaid outfits to mermaid hair, crafts, and accessories this is THE place to go if you want your little one to experience their ‘Happily Ever After Under the Sea’.

Skylar and Emma with Princess Ariel.

The Island

First of all, this place is on an actual islandIf you are driving in, you can take the auto ferry across from the Balboa Island Fun Zone or take the bridge over on the other side of the island.  Make sure to get there early, as the only parking availability is on the public streets.  Kids can have mermaid experiences any day of the week.

Skylar and Emma getting dressed before their makeover with Mermaid ‘Bubbles’.

Although it looks like a residence, this business can be spotted by the mermaids in the windows and sitting on the benches outside it’s cute little craftsman house.  There is a small store in the front with a craft/birthday room to the right.  Behind the store is the Jellyfish Salon and the Fairy Tale Room.  There is a back area in the garage for extra seating when they host parties.

Emma getting her hair done in the Jellyfish Salon by Princess ‘Bubbles’.

The Mermaids

When the kids walked in, they were greeted by a beautiful mermaid with pink hair named ‘Bubbles’.  ‘Bubbles’ took them into the Jellyfish Salon to get them ready after helping them pick out their mermaid outfits and princess sparkle shoes.  Not only did she stay in character the entire time, but she painted both kids’ nails, applied makeup, and curled both of their hair while belting out Disney Princess songs (sounding as good as the princess themselves!).  After their makeover, the girls picked out jewelry to wear and posed in an adorable little castle and mermaid clam throne.

Emma posing in the princess tower.

There were TWO more surprises for the kids.  After hearing a voice in the Fairy Tale Room, the kids ran over to find Princess Ariel.  And let me tell you…this Ariel was as close to the ‘actual’ Ariel anyone’s going to get.  She not only looked the part, but she sang beautifully to songs from the little mermaid and told stories to the girls.  After meeting Ariel, the kids made two mermaid crafts to take home.  The kids couldn’t stop talking about their time with the mermaids, even nine months after we went!

Skylar posing in the princess tower.

The Crowd

Keep in mind that priority is given to those who book parties, as our reservation time was changed twice.  Although walk-ins are offered, hours may not match what is listed on the website so it is recommended to call ahead of time.  All patrons are families with young kids.

Emma in the mermaid clam shell throne.


Packages range from $50 per child to $125 per child (not including gratuity).  The business offers princess experiences, mermaid experiences, birthday parties, summer camps, and even public events.  Check their website for pricing of all packages.  We paid $125 per child and had a minimal credit card hold fee to confirm our reservation date and time.  This was most definitely worth the $125 price point, and I would suggest this to all of the Little Mermaids out there!

Skylar, Emma, and Princess Ariel sending hearts your way!

Once Upon an Island Information

188 Agate Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92662

(949) 791-2162


Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Once Upon An Island, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing admin@la-staycation.com



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