Mulligan Family Fun Center-Torrance

Mulligan Family Fun Center-Torrance

What: Mulligan Family Fun Center

Where: South Bay

For: All Ages

One night, Ethan and I decided that we wanted to go to the batting cages and found the Mulligan Family Fun Center.  We ended up staying for about two hours and playing mini golf also, which ended up being a fun night!

The Inside

When you walk in, you are overwhelmed with a large amount of stimulation.  Lights and sounds from the arcade games combined with the sound of people having fun make it hard for conversation.  Food, lazer tag and arcade games are offered inside.  Lazer tag is an extra cost and in a separate room.  Cashiers are nearby the entrance with a prize area attached.  The dining area is in the front with separate group party rooms lining the walls around the arcade.  A good amount of arcade games are offered throughout the building.  Bathrooms weren’t as clean as I’d prefer, but overall the place looked clean and picked up.

The Outside

Go-karts, paddle boats, miniature golf, a rock wall and batting cages are offered outside.  Keep in mind that there are two separate 18-hole themed golf courses allowed.  There were a lot of people playing mini-golf which caused us to wait for two to three groups to finish for each hole.  Go-karts have an age and height requirement, but rookie go-karts are offered for the younger guest.  The rock wall and paddle boards have weight requirements.  Softball and hardball are both offered in the batting cages.  There wasn’t any line for the cages when we went, and we were able to hit many rounds of pitches before we switched to mini golf.


The Food

Combo food deals are offered at affordable prices.  Pizza, soft drinks, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads and various sides are offered. We saw a bunch of families eating pizza together.  Keep in mind that there’s a sign that says it takes about 30 minutes for food to be delivered.  Since we arrived towards the end of the night, they closed the cashiers to new orders.  Beer and wine are offered.  Expect to spend about $10 per person for food.  No outside food or drink are allowed.

The Crowd

This is definitely a family friendly place that children of all ages can enjoy.  Some older kids were dropped off by their parents to run around.  There were couples on dates and families with small children playing mini golf.  This is a place that you can spend the better part of your day with the entire family at.


There are fun card packages that are available for game play with a $1 activation fee per card.  All day passes are offered for $40 as well.  Check the website for activity prices.  We walked away spending less than $30 for the batting cages and mini golf.

Mulligan Family Fun Center Information

1351 West Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501

(310) 325-3950

Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Mulligan Family Fun Center, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing

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