Honeymee-Multiple Locations

Honeymee-Multiple Locations

What: Honeymee

Where: Multiple Locations

For: All Ages

Skylar and I recently had a girls’ day spent at the Del Amo Mall when we came across this small space called Honeymee.  There are also other Honeymee locations around the Los Angeles Area.  With quality soft-serve hard to find, we were pleasantly surprised by the taste of the ice cream and atmosphere of the café.

The café is decorated with a clean rustic look, which I absolutely loved.  Although we went during a slow time of day for Honeymee, I know that when I normally walk past the shop there are many people there (especially around breakfast and lunch time).

The Drinks

Honeymee offers both tea and coffee.  I needed some caffeine, so I ordered a Honemee Cold Brew Latte.  I’m a die-hard Starbucks fan, and I have the confidence to say that this cold brew latte was considerably better than Starbucks’.  Hibiscus Tea, Machta, Yuzu Tea, and a Regular Cold Brew are also offered.  The Honeymee Special allows you to choose any drink and add an ice cream topping.

The Desserts

The ice cream that was offered was rich and creamy (and made with all natural ingredients!).  You can spruce them up with a variety of toppings and eat from a cup or cone.  Skylar and I tried a sample of the vanilla ice cream that left her begging for more.  They also serve ice cream toped with natural honey, making a sweet and refreshing treat that gave us energy to spend the rest of the day walking around the mall.

The Babee is a choice of ice cream in a bun.  Colored waffle cones are served in red, green ad black.  Toppings include multi-grain granola, sliced almonds, crushed oreos, coconut flakes, sunflower seed honey oats, liquid honey, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and sea salt.  Varieties of honey milkshakes are also offered to patrons.

You can also add Liege Waffles to your order, with options including original, honey, cream cheese, Nutella, strawberry, blackberry, ice cream, and combination.


Ice cream ranges from $3.95 to $5.30.   The babe and colored waffle cones are an additional $0.75, with the original waffle cone costing $0.50 more.  Toppings are only $0.30 each.  Milkshakes are $4.75 to $5.25.  Tea and Coffee range from $3.95 to $5.25, with the Honeymee Special ringing in at $1.75 more than the drink price.  Leige Waffles are an additional $4.25 to $6.30 depending on the order.

The Honeymee Information

21540 Hawthorne Blvd, Space 531, Torrance, CA 90503

Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Honeymee, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing admin@la-staycation.com

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