Glow Zone-Huntington Beach

Glow Zone-Huntington Beach

What: Glow Zone

Where: Huntington Beach

For: All Ages

We took the kids to Glow Zone two months ago with my brother and his girlfriend.  Although it is intended for children, all four adults had a great time playing with the attractions during the duration of our stay.

Emma and Skylar Playing Bazooka Ball

The Attractions

Glow Zone is completely lit by black-light and contains a lot of neon structures.  There is a soft city jungle gym area for the younger kids in the back (kids 7 and younger), although quite a few older kids were running around which made us keep a close eye on the girls.  Bumper cars, a laser maze, and bazooka ball (think paintball a paintball course with soft balls) were offered to both the kids and adults.  Bazooka ball was my favorite, since we ran around with guns on teams and the little ones wore paintball masks and learned how to gather ammo and shoot pretty quickly.

Two Ninja Courses are provided and separated into younger and older kid groups.  These courses were pretty fun and reminded us of a kid-version of American Ninja Warrior.  The laser maze was a blast as well, although it was not a maze.  It made us feel like we were in one of the Mission Impossible movies since we had to contort ourselves to get under/over the lasers to accomplish certain tasks.

A bowling alley is on the far left side of the venue opposite of the jungle gym.  Although we bought two 2-hour passes, all of the bowling lanes were occupied (we wouldn’t have been able to play within the time constraints anyway).  A glowing mini-golf course is also offered for children and adults.  Our kids were too young to concentrate on the entire course, so we decided this activity was a pass.  Although arcade games were offered, we opted out of these attractions.

There is a Rec Room on the side that’s attached to the Glow Zone.  It turns into a bar at night and can sometimes be converted into a comedy club, music room or karaoke room for private parties.  There were a few birthday parties going on in the private rooms, and we saw kids shooting each other with soft balls in one.  The other rooms had kids playing Just Dance and another contained a Fortnite competition.

The Crowd

This place is crawling with kids from the ages of 2 to 13.  When you walk in it smells of feet and sweat, which makes for a hot and humid atmosphere.  Despite the smell and having to discipline a few of the older kids that pushed past our girls, the kids had such an amazing time that they passed out immediately in the car on the ride home.


Groupons are available on week days, which is probably your best bet since it’s less crowded.  The attendant at the front had a hard time of explaining the pricing, and the pricing on the board is confusingly worded.  We spent $35 each ($70 total) for two hours of unlimited activities for the kids (2 hour Max Pass).  The arcade games are a separate price, but there was so much to do that we couldn’t have gotten to the arcade area even if we wanted to.  You can get two hours of games and attractions for $45 per person.  There is also a full bar available to help the parents get through their time in the venue with varying costs depending on what you order.  Game cards have an activation fee of $1 per card.

Glow Zone Information

7227 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

(714) 316-0775

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