Exchange Los Angeles-DTLA

Exchange Los Angeles-DTLA

What: Exchange Los Angeles

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: Ages 21+

Exchange LA is one of the nightclubs that we enjoy going to with our friends in a large group.  We generally come around 11:00pm to end our night dancing to great music.  We have come here to celebrate special occasions for bottle service and to dance to world-renown DJs.

The Club

Exchange has four floors, spans over 25,000 square feet and contains six full-service bars. Patrons can pay a premium for VIP rooms with bottles and table service.  The DJ booth sits in the front of the club and coordinates with fog and confetti machines that spray into the crowd at designated times.  Valet parking is available, and numerous self-park lots surround the venue.

When we decide to pay for bottle service, it is cheaper to split it among a large group.  The good thing about bottle service on the dance floor is that you have your own designated and roped-off area to dance in.  The bad thing is that it is literally in the middle of the dance floor…meaning that drunk people on the other side of the couches usually sit on the top of the couches or occasionally try to pour themselves a drink from your table.  There is a second-floor mezzanine level that has bottle service options available, however I find it best to be a main part of the action on the dance floor.  Bars can get very busy the later it gets into the night.  Expect to wait each time you want a refill on your drink.  I’ve never been able to walk straight up and back without at least a few people waiting in front of me.

View from the Mezzanine

VIP Rooms

The Sky Loft accommodates up to 35 guests and is an exclusive and posh private space.  It offers a bird’s-eye view of the main dance floor and comes with its own wait staff for guests and is available for private rental.

Sky Loft

The Rockefeller Room accommodates up to 50 guests and can be accessed by the main dance floor.  Some private parties bring their own DJs although you can experience the music from the main dance floor just as well.

Rockefeller Room

The Gallery is on the first floor of Exchange and is generally open when the club is open.  There is a separate DJ and the space accommodates up to 250 guests.  This is the first room that you pass after you pay your cover charge to get into the club.  Each time we have been here the Gallery has been fairly crowded.

The Gallery

The Crowd

Please check Exchange’s website for a dress code, as security has historically been turned away people who don’t abide by the code away at the door.  Most guests dress up in more formal cocktail attire.  Exchange LA also hosts different events where patrons can dress in costume depending on the theme.

Ethan and Me at Exchange LA.


Valet parking is $15 per car, not including tip.  Bottle Service has cost us $600 for a night which we split among a minimum of 8 people.  Drinks span from $13 to $16 depending on what is ordered.  Each time we have come here, the cover charge has spanned from $10 to $20 per person depending on the nightly events and time that we have entered the club.

Exchange Information

618 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 627-8070

Thanks for reading! If you’ve ever been to Exchange, please comment on this post!  Also, if you have suggestions of other places to go in the Greater Los Angeles Area, please let me know by e-mailing

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