No Jealousy – Hollywood

No Jealousy-Hollywood

No Jealousy Day Club

What: No Jealousy

Where: Hollywood

For: Ages 21+

We spent an end-of-the-year Staycation in Hollywood this past weekend, and I came across No Jealousy when I was looking for brunch places.  I had two requirements when looking for brunch places: good food and good music.  We ended up coming to No Jealousy and staying four hours until it transformed from a posh brunch spot into a full-fledged day club.

The Bar Area

The Venue

No Jealousy is located behind Sound Nightclub off of Las Palmas and Hollywood Blvd in the heart of Hollywood.  The entry is in the parking lot behind Sound, and the venue opens at 1:30pm for brunch every Sunday and closes at 7:00pm.  The line and wait can get pretty long, so make sure to come early and try to either call or e-mail the venue for reservations (make sure to tell them which day and time you’d like to come and that you’ll be staying for both brunch and the day club.  There was an $80.00 minimum per person when we went, and they check ID’s at the door.  Although we paid $160.00 to get in, all of the charges are applied to the food and drinks you order, which isn’t such a bad deal.

Steak and Eggs

The Brunch

We were seated at a posh two top table with white table cloth in the middle of the venue.  There were many tables set up, and it included booths on the sides of the venue for larger parties.Ethan ordered the steak and eggs while I ordered the prosciutto eggs benedict with potato fries.  We also started with a tuna tartare appetizer.  All of the food came out quickly and filled us up nicely.  It was surprisingly well done and tasted great.  Expect to spend about $30 to $40 per person when eating brunch, and remember that there is already a 20% gratuity included on the bill, so there’s no requirement for additional tips. 

Prosciutto Eggs Benedict

For drinks, I had to order the famous Baby Bottle drink that came out in…you guessed it…an actual baby bottle.  Drinks were poured heavily, and there were a lot of novelty drinks to choose from.  Bottle service is available and includes waitresses with sparklers that come out and drink.  One of the most amazing drinks we saw was a punch bowl that was about six liters of alcohol and mixers with eight drink straws for large groups.  Drinks run about $15, with novelty drinks costing more.

Baby Bottle Drink

We were only allowed to sit at our table while brunching and then had to give it up for further reservations.  There is a bar area with ample seating at and around the bar that patrons can go to after eating. 

The Venue

The Day Club

The day club is where No Jealousy gets very interesting.  When you walk in earlier, there was a DJ spinning house music and Top 40.  Around 3:30pm is when things really get going.  The club switched DJs and had girls in angel costumes with wings dancing on tables while live musicians playing the drums and saxophone walked around the venue and played for guests.  It felt like a nightclub and was interesting because people were still sitting at their tables and taking a few bites of food before standing up and dancing with the crowd.

The Punch Bowl

There is an outdoor smoking area where patrons can also go if they want a little break from the noise.  The venue is decorated very nicely and seemed high class, with faux flower walls and vines winding around the walls and leather couches for sitting. 

When the Party Gets Started

The Crowd

The crowd was exactly like a crowd that you would expect to see at a nightclub.  Everyone was dressed nicely, and most of the girls wore cocktail dresses and heels.  Since we didn’t know we would be coming to a day club I was dressed down and in sneakers, but no body seemed to mind since they were all having a great time.  The good thing is that since it’s during the day there aren’t many drunk people walking around…which is a plus for me!

With My Beau at No Jealousy


As I said before, please remember that gratuity is included.  We definitely used up our $160.00 minimum fee and ended up spending about $275.00 total during our stay at No Jealousy.

Outdoor Seating Area

No Jealousy Information

1638 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, A 90028

(310) 984-6666

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La Descarga-Los Angeles

La Descarga-Los Angeles

What: La Descarga

Where: Los Angeles

For: Ages 21+

La Descarga is an exclusive speakeasy in Los Angeles.  Ethan took me here last month, and I’ve heard so many great things about the club that I was super excited to go and check it out.  The club itself exceeded expectations, and it renewed my love for hidden bars and speakeasies in Los Angeles.

Getting In

Guests need reservations to enter the club, and they can be made either on the website or by calling directly.  I suggest that you call at least a week prior to ensure that the club is not at capacity.  There is a small neon sign advertising the lounge.  The entry door sits behind a taco stand and has a single security guard checking for ID and reservations.  After your reservation is confirmed, patrons are led up a stairway to a hostess.  She sits at a simple desk and will welcome you to the lounge.

After your welcome, the hostess opens a closet on the side of the room and pushes aside the coats and dresses on hangars.  This reveals a red velvet curtain.  When the curtain is pushed aside, it leads into the top part of the lounge.  A short hallway and staircase leads guests to the main floor of the bar.  The entire presentation of the entry into La Descarga was exciting and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

The Club

The main bar has reserved seating areas and standing room only.  They are known for their specialty cocktails.  There is a smoking room in the back that has a bar that serves standard cocktails.  Bar seating in the back room is on a first-come first-served basis.  Tables are by reservation only, but guests can sit at the table until the party that reserved comes to claim them.  Cigars and cigarettes are allowed in the room since there is ventilation to the outdoors via the roof.

The shows are scheduled hourly and last about fifteen minutes.  When we were there, there was a burlesque show and live band.  The saxophone player came down the steps and played in the crowd, which was unique.  He also coordinated the show with the dancer.  This was one of the best burlesque shows that I’ve seen at a speakeasy.  We ended up spending about 3.5 hours here, and we could’ve spent the entire night here if we didn’t get hungry and decide to leave!  If you have a bigger party, I strongly suggest that you call as early as possible to reserve a table and ensure your party can stay together in the main bar area.

The Crowd

La Descarga is an upscale club with a dress code.  The entire dress code can be viewed online, and security reserves the right to turn guests away at the door if they do not comply with the rules.  Men wore jackets, and all women were in cocktail dresses and heels.  Around showtime, the main floor became shoulder-to-shoulder crowded.  I suggest that you make your way to the main room at least twenty minutes to half-an-hour in advance of showtimes to ensure you have standing room to enjoy the show.


We ended up spending about $15 per drink, which seemed very reasonable for Los Angeles.  I tried two different specialty cocktails, and both of them tasted amazing.

La Descarga Information

1159 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029

(323) 466-1324

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Tony’s on the Pier-South Bay

Tony’s on the Pier-South Bay

What: Tony’s on the Pier

Where: Redondo Beach

For: All Ages/Ages 21+ at Night

Tony’s on the Pier (aka ‘Old Tony’s’) is a restaurant and bar that allows guests to have an amazing seafood meal while sitting on the Pacific Ocean.  I’ve been here a few times, once for the afterparty of a good friends’ wedding and once for a night out in Redondo Beach with Ethan.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is situated on the pier and has large glass windows overlooking the ocean.  It was especially nice that the décor of the restaurant was completely ocean themed.  There were lobster traps, fishing nets and various sea creatures lining the walls.  Tony’s is open for lunch and dinner, and menus are on the website.  We had a pre-fixed course with soup and entrees.  The chowder was amazing, and the clams were perfect.  I really enjoyed the way Tony’s cooked and seasoned their seafood.  It wasn’t too heavy so that we felt extremely full when I was finished, but it left us completely satisfied.

Top O’ Tony’s

If you walk up the stairs from the restaurant, there is a rooftop bar with live entertainment.  The rooftop offers a full bar and a small amount of seating for guests.  The bartenders were very kind and personable.  There was trail mix on each table for patrons to enjoy while sipping their cocktails.  The view of the Redondo Beach Harbor is best from the rooftop. Happy hour is offered during select dates and times (please check the website for specifics).  The live entertainment has always been a great addition to the bar.  Although the area is small, it felt very intimate with the musicians singing and playing their instruments close by.

The Crowd

The restaurant is open for all ages, with the rooftop bar reserved for ages 21 and over.  The crowd is quieter at Tony’s, with most guests coming to enjoy the live music and ambiance of the restaurant.  Parking for the restaurant is in a prepaid parking structure east of the pier.  Keep in mind that if you decide to take an Uber or Lyft to the Redondo Beach Pier, cell service becomes extremely spotty (no matter which network), so you’ll have a difficult time getting out.


Lunch costs about $20 per person, excluding drinks.  Dinner will run about $30 per person, again excluding drinks.  At the top bar, cocktails are about $12 each.  Since Tony’s is one of the few restaurants that overlooks the ocean, the price is definitely paid along with the location and quality of the food makes the restaurant and bar worth the price.

” “

Tony’s on the Pier Information

210 Fisherman’s Wharf, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(310) 374-1442

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The Lighthouse Cafe-South Bay

The Lighthouse Cafe-South Bay

What: The Lighthouse Cafe

LLL d 13 _2644.NEF

Where: South Bay

For: Ages 21+

The Lighthouse Café is Ethan and my go-to place if we want to eat and enjoy a live band.  Another plus is that it was one of the sets for the movie La La Land.  The vibe is always vibrant when you walk into the café.  The security, hostesses and servers are personable and nice.  It’s a great place to go when you want to have a casual night in the South Bay.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is open until 1:00am every night of the week, which makes this bar the place to go if you want a late-night meal.  The café is open for special events as well (please check the website).  Unfortunately, the aesthetics of the food that comes out is definitely lacking and makes the trays look very sad.  That being said, the food is actually pretty good, and it’s a great environment to eat some American food in.

La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone filmed many scenes over four days at The Lighthouse Café.   If you go outside, you can witness an iconic scene with the two characters standing next to each other in front of a neon sign advertising the Café.  I loved that the movie included jazz and the special lighthouse stained glass in the background.  An interesting thing is that the Lighthouse still has one of the clocks from the movie in the restaurant that (apparently) the director has been trying to get back. Another interesting tidbit is that the Hermosa Beach chamber teamed up with Hollywood two years ago to transform the Hermosa Beach Pier into a La La Land-themed pier.  They played jazz music and allowed guests to take Instagram-worty pictures on the pier.

The Bar

The Lighthouse Café is the best place to go if you’re interested in listening to Jazz in Hermosa Beach. Security checks ID after 9:30pm and gives you a stamp for in-and-out privileges.  There is sometimes a cover charge of $5 to $10 per guest depending on which live band is playing that night.  There is a small dance floor in the middle of the tables.  Tables and booths for dining line the outside area of the bar and there are many spaces to sit at the bar tables if you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the bartenders.

The Crowd

The age range for the guests varies.  Many times, groups meet here to celebrate birthdays.  A great thing is that the bands generally come into the crowd during breaks and dance with the patrons.


The Lighthouse Café is very affordable.  Drinks range from $6-$15 each.  Happy hour is available daily (please check the website for more information).  Dinner rang in at about $12 to $16 per plate, which is a steal in Hermosa Beach.  We will continually come back to The Lighthouse Café for dinner, drinks and dancing.

The Lighthouse Cafe Information

30 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 376-9833

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Skyloft-Laguna Beach

Skyloft-Laguna Beach

What: Skyloft

Where: Laguna Beach

For: All Ages/21+ at Night

I’ve been going to Skyloft since I turned 21 (I grew up in Orange County).  The most recent time we stopped by was for my 10-year high school reunion in May of this year. It is not only a great American restaurant with rooftop seating, but it turns into a club at night with live bands, a dance floor and huge main bar.

The Restaurant

Skyloft is on the second floor of a building in Laguna Beach.  It includes the entire second floor of the building and the rooftop deck.  Half of the second floor is dedicated to restaurant seating.  Patrons can walk upstairs to the roof for outdoor restaurant seating that has heaters at night when it gets cooler by the beach.  Guests can go to Skyloft for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Happy Hour.  A kids’ menu is offered for the littlest diners.  Food is an eclectic mix of American food, and menus can be acceded on Skyloft’s website.

The Main Bar

The Main Bar is on the main level and has 12 TVs throughout the room.  Décor is modern and clean, and the bar is three hundred-sixty degrees accessible.  Barstools surround the bar with cocktail tables and small lounge areas lining the walls.  A large selection of craft beers on tap along with a full bar are offered.


A security guard starts checking identification at the entrance of the restaurant starting at 9:00pm.  In the room attached to the main bar on the main level is a stage area.  Every Tuesday night there is a comedy night.  Cocktail tables for standing room along with sit down seating are around the stage and dance floor area.  Small booths for parties are on two sides of the walls. Live music is offered on the main floor six nights per week.  The dance area gets busy later in the night on Fridays and Saturdays.  The upstairs outdoor area is open during the night, and guests can go up to get some fresh air before resuming dancing the night away.

The Crowd

The crowd is more dressed up in true Laguna Beach Style.  A mix of younger and older patrons come to Skyloft, and Skyloft shuttles give free transportation to guests within a 3-mile radius of the restaurant.  Beach attire is not allowed.


Lunch and dinner costs approximately $20 to $25 per person (excluding drinks).  Lunch combos are offered at specific times (please check the website).  Happy Hour is 3:00pm until close on Monday and 3:00pm to 6:00pm from Tuesday through Friday.  Late Night Happy Hour is offered Sunday through Wednesday from 10:00pm until close.  Tuesday Comedy Night Tickets are $20 for VIP seated tickets and $10 for standing room tickets.  Drinks cost $12 to $15 per drink depending on what is ordered.

Skyloft Information

422 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 2651

(949) 715-1550

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Tapas Flavors of Spain-Mission Viejo

Tapas Flavors of Spain-Mission Viejo

What: Tapas Flavors of Spain

Where: Mission Viejo

For: All Ages/21+ after 9:00pm

Last weekend, Ethan and I went with my parents to Tapas Flavors of Spain to celebrate their 32 year wedding anniversary.  Located in Kaleidoscope off of the 5 freeway, I was very excited to come here since I’ve grown up in the area my entire life.  Kaleidoscope has always been a quiet mall with a small amount of traffic, so the fact that there was a club that opened on the main floor made our visit very interesting.  Please remember that Ethan and I also went to a similar Spanish flamenco show in Long Beach called Sevilla…and I strongly believe that Tapas was a better value with the show and food.  Club wise, however, I would lean toward Sevilla.

My dad dancing with one of the flamenco dancers on stage.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is Spanish themed and includes tables around a dance floor.  A full service bar is on the left side of the restaurant, and the dance floor includes a raised stage where we watched the flamenco dancers and band.  We ordered four appetizers and two entrees, which filled up four people.  The restaurant accommodates around 300 people, and all of the tables were completely occupied when we came at 7:45pm for our reservation on a Saturday night.  Reservations can be made on Yelp or the restaurant website, and you will receive text messages notifications on your phone reminding you of your reservation a couple days prior. We ordered all dishes tapas style (compare to family-style where each guest eats a little bit of every dish) from the restaurant, and we were not disappointed in our food or service.   All of the food is authentic Spanish cuisine, and it definitely tasted better than the comparable Sevilla that we visited in Long Beach.  Happy Hour is also offered on the bar and patio at specific dates and times (refer to the website).

The Show

Tapas Flavors of Spain used to be located in Newport Beach and has recently (as of January 2018) relocated to Mission Viejo.  The show started promptly at 8:00pm and went until 9:00pm with no intermission.  The band and dancers really felt like they transported you to Spain.  Their talent was undeniable.  At the end of the show, one of the female dancers invited my dad on stage.  This was quite the pleasant surprise, and our entire party enjoyed the audience participation.  The dancers even changed their clothes after the show and danced with the patrons on the floor when the DJ was brought up, which made the experience feel very intimate.

The Club

The club started after the flamenco show ended at 9:00pm.  At this time there is also security at the door checking identification and requiring a cover charge.  If you want to leave and re-enter, make sure that you get a stamp on your wrist.  There is an outdoor patio area for smokers.  There is also a small taco window on the patio where you can order chicken tacos and top them with a variety of foods.  We ordered 4 chicken tacos and paid $7 before loading them up with toppings.  It was a great way to fix our hunger pangs later in the night, and we ate our tacos while watching people dance inside the club.  The club consisted of a DJ spinning Latin and top 40 music.  It wasn’t as crowded as we anticipated on a Saturday night, and we thought that the club was only filled a quarter to capacity.  Make sure to check the website to see any special events or DJs.  The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00pm to 1:30am.

The Crowd

The crowd varied in age.  Ethan, my parents and I all felt like we were blending in, as there was a distinct mix of people attending.  Some families attended dinner and the flamenco show before leaving when the club opened.  Multiple birthdays were being celebrated.  When the club started, the younger group cleared out leaving room for the adults.  My parents danced the night away on the dance floor and went home exhausted but happy.


Please refer to my post on Sevilla in Long Beach, where it cost $200 for two people to enjoy dinner and a show.  Tapas Flavors of Spain only cost $94 (excluding alcohol) for four people, which included dinner, a show and entry into the club.   This was the best value for our money spent, and we all left very happy with our experience at Tapas Flavors of Spain.

My dad still happily dancing on stage.

Tapas Flavors of Spain Information

27741 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

(949) 367-0373

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The Millennium Biltmore-DTLA

The Millennium Biltmore-DTLA

What: The Millennium Biltmore

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: All Ages/Nightlife for Adults

The Millennium Biltmore is a historic hotel built in 1923 that is a landmark of Downtown Los Angeles and home of Hollywood glamour.  It’s located in the center of the hustle and bustle of DTLA, and Ethan and I spent our most recent staycation at this opulent hotel.

The Hotel

When you walk into the lobby of the hotel, you’re greeted with white and gold carved floor-to-wall décor.  There was a wedding going on when we were checking in, and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen.  Despite the opulence of the entryway, the elevators and hallways to the rooms were outdated.  There was also a historic spiral stairway that led all the way down from the top floor.  When we looked down from the top of the staircase it gave is vertigo.  The ice machines and vending machines alternate floor-by-floor.  It was confusing at first, but signs led us in the right direction.

The Room

The room was decorated nicely, but it was not as nice as I imagined.  There was an old window that actually opened up (only part way because of liability).  The closet was the biggest walk-in closet I’ve ever seen in a hotel room.  It could have been another room!  A safe was in the closet along with a refrigerator and television in the room.  The shower was completely separate from the bathtub and had a drip that was very loud at night.  Since our room was in the corner of the hotel, we had to swipe our key card twice through two doors to get in.  This means that if someone gets locked out, there is no way someone in the room could hear any knocking to get in.  Additionally, maid service knocked on our door at 8:45am…which was way too early for a Sunday morning after spending all of Saturday night out and when check out is at noon.  Overall, for the price, it’s definitely a hotel that I would stay at again.

The Restaurants

Smeraldi’s Restaurant is a Medditerranean/Italian restaurant under the hotel.  With glamorous décor and elegant table settings, it is also family friendly and offers family style dining (think pizza and the like).  Bugis Street Brasserie is a Singaporean restaurant that I ate at with my coworkers during lunch.  We asked the waitress to suggest a dish to order and went with her recommendations, and the food was above par.  I tried to take Ethan here one night but it was closed.  It’s definitely a restaurant that I would come back to and try other Singaporean dishes. Gallery Bar and Cognac Room were equally as opulent as the hotel.  Although we didn’t go into this area, we walked past it when we were checking in, and the décor of gold and white definitely makes the bar a classy destination.  Afternoon Tea is also offered on a reservation-only basis.

The Crowd

Everyone at the hotel was dressed up.  At check-in, I wore leggings and a tank top and felt under dressed (this could be because the wedding was going on and I was standing among guests in black-tie attire).   It’s a family-friendly hotel with family-friendly restaurants.  The only area that required guests to be 21+ was at the bar.


Valet parking is offered at the hotel for $45 each night.  If you go directly across the street to Pershing Square, it allows you to self-park overnight for $16.  The hotel required a $100 deposit for incidentals and was $145 (including taxes) for one night.  I only booked the hotel two days before our actual stay.  Water in the vending machines were $3 each.

The Millennium Biltmore Information

506 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 624-1011

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The Strand House/Strand Bar-Manhattan Beach

The Strand House/Strand Bar-Manhattan Beach

What: The Strand House/Strand Bar

Where: South Bay

For: All Ages/21+ At Night

The Strand House and Strand Bar is the place that Ethan and I like to go to under certain circumstances (a) if there is a birthday/anniversary/special occasion, (b) if we’re trying to impress someone from out of town and (c) if we feel like going to a place that’s upscale and close to the beach.  Keep in mind that each time we come here we expect to spend upwards of $150 for the two of us throughout the night.

The Strand House Restaurant

The Strand House

To enter the restaurant, you check in with a hostess on the first floor where you’re also greeted with floor-to ceiling wine bottles leading you up a staircase into The Strand House. Brunch, lunch, dinner and desserts are served in the restaurant.  I’ve come for lunch and dinner.  For lunch I took a client who wanted to eat on the beach, and we ended up spending about $35 per person (excluding drinks).  He ordered the tacos which were laughably small (think two-bite lunch tacos) that left him feeling hungry.  We actually stopped for fast food on the way back to the office.  For dinner, you can expect to spend $35 to $60 per person (excluding drinks).  We sometimes order the pizza (thin crust and made with fresh ingredients) along with some appetizers to share.  Entrees range from $28 to $95 depending on what you order.

Restaurant Bar

There are indoor and outdoor seating areas at The Strand House.  I only sit outdoors when there isn’t too much wind chill.  Indoor seating offers you a 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean.  There is also a full bar with bar stools upstairs if you want to just catch a drink and watch the sunset.

Dining Table Set Up

Strand Bar

Cocktails and bottle service are offered on the first floor of the Strand House (called the Strand Bar).  There is a main bar in the center of the venue that gets very busy later on into the night.

Main Bar

A small dance floor is at the opposite end of the entrance.  No drinks are allowed on the dance floor (we were reprimanded for this on numerous occasions).  A DJ booth sits in the corner of the dance floor.  The music is hit and miss here.  Sometimes we go in on a great night when they’re playing a mix of hip hop, top 40 and house music.  Other times we feel like we’re in a wedding reception or at a family reunion (oh well, to each their own).  We usually will end our night here after hitting a few bars on Manhattan Beach’s main street.

The Crowd

At 10:00pm there is security placed at the door to card guests and ensure they are 21+.  Depending on the event and time that you go, there could be a cover charge.  Re-entry is allowed provided that you have a stamp on your wrist or colored wristband (alternates).  There is more of an older crowd here, so this is definitely a place where you can avoid the college students (see: Cost).

Entrance to both The Strand House and Strand Bar


Lunch runs about $30 per person (excluding drinks) with dinner hitting anywhere between $35 to $60 per person (excluding drinks).  The cover charge has ranged from $10 to $20 depending on the event.  Cocktails are almost all $15 each.  Bottle Service costs from $350 to $800.  I don’t think we have left The Strand House spending any less than $150 on a good night.  Sometimes we can spend upwards of $200 on a special occasion.  If you’re looking for a place to impress visitors that is overpriced and by the beach, this is the place to go.

Strand Bar

The Strand House/Strand Bar Information

117 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 545-7470

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What: Boulevard3-Hollywood

Main Ballroom

Where: Hollywood

For: Ages 21+

When Ethan and I went to Hollywood for our staycation, we decided to end our night dancing at Boulevard3.  A random note about the club is that Ethan and I have been binge watching Shameless on Netflix, and Fiona’s nightclub in Season 2 is filmed at Boulevard3!

The Club

Boulevard3 was built on the site of the former Hollywood Athletic Club.  When you walk into the outdoor space after paying your entrance fee, you are greeted with posh décor and modern furniture.  There is a bar outside with seating Garden Cabanas that offer bottle service.  A large fireplace is in the center of the outdoor Promenade.  A large pool spans the length of the garden cabanas. When you enter the building, there is another fireplace with a large seating area to take a rest from all the dancing.

Garden Cabana

 In the Ballroom, everything is white and backlit in neon colors, which makes the club seem classy and clean.  There is a huge LED lighting system inside that backs the main bar and is coordinated with the music.  The DJ booth is opposite of the main bar, and table service booths are offered on the dance floor, Mezzanine level and on the second floor Balcony level.  A Library Bar is available for rental and private parties.  Check Boulevard3’s website for information on performances by famous DJs and other shows.  Music is an eclectic mix of hip hop, top 40 and house.


The Crowd

The club is only open on Friday and Saturdays.  Depending on the day, time and event, there can be fairly long lines. The website lists the dress code as “upscale trendy”, and when we went we saw that almost everyone was in nice cocktail attire.  One weird thing about the bartenders were that they were drinking with the patrons which made them very distracted.  We waited for a while for our drinks to be made and our tab to be closed out.  One time, we were looking for our bartender and found that he was dancing on top of the bar spitting alcohol onto napkins he lit on fire (hence creating “fire balls”).  I thought it was not very professional for the amount of money that we were paying to be in the club.



We paid a $20 cover charge per person and drinks were about $15 each.  Shots cost $25 for two people.  If you decide to pay the premium for bottle service, then the cover charge is waived.

Library Bar

Boulevard3 Information

6523 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 466-2144

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Exchange Los Angeles-DTLA

Exchange Los Angeles-DTLA

What: Exchange Los Angeles

Where: Downtown Los Angeles

For: Ages 21+

Exchange LA is one of the nightclubs that we enjoy going to with our friends in a large group.  We generally come around 11:00pm to end our night dancing to great music.  We have come here to celebrate special occasions for bottle service and to dance to world-renown DJs.

The Club

Exchange has four floors, spans over 25,000 square feet and contains six full-service bars. Patrons can pay a premium for VIP rooms with bottles and table service.  The DJ booth sits in the front of the club and coordinates with fog and confetti machines that spray into the crowd at designated times.  Valet parking is available, and numerous self-park lots surround the venue.

When we decide to pay for bottle service, it is cheaper to split it among a large group.  The good thing about bottle service on the dance floor is that you have your own designated and roped-off area to dance in.  The bad thing is that it is literally in the middle of the dance floor…meaning that drunk people on the other side of the couches usually sit on the top of the couches or occasionally try to pour themselves a drink from your table.  There is a second-floor mezzanine level that has bottle service options available, however I find it best to be a main part of the action on the dance floor.  Bars can get very busy the later it gets into the night.  Expect to wait each time you want a refill on your drink.  I’ve never been able to walk straight up and back without at least a few people waiting in front of me.

View from the Mezzanine

VIP Rooms

The Sky Loft accommodates up to 35 guests and is an exclusive and posh private space.  It offers a bird’s-eye view of the main dance floor and comes with its own wait staff for guests and is available for private rental.

Sky Loft

The Rockefeller Room accommodates up to 50 guests and can be accessed by the main dance floor.  Some private parties bring their own DJs although you can experience the music from the main dance floor just as well.

Rockefeller Room

The Gallery is on the first floor of Exchange and is generally open when the club is open.  There is a separate DJ and the space accommodates up to 250 guests.  This is the first room that you pass after you pay your cover charge to get into the club.  Each time we have been here the Gallery has been fairly crowded.

The Gallery

The Crowd

Please check Exchange’s website for a dress code, as security has historically been turned away people who don’t abide by the code away at the door.  Most guests dress up in more formal cocktail attire.  Exchange LA also hosts different events where patrons can dress in costume depending on the theme.

Ethan and Me at Exchange LA.


Valet parking is $15 per car, not including tip.  Bottle Service has cost us $600 for a night which we split among a minimum of 8 people.  Drinks span from $13 to $16 depending on what is ordered.  Each time we have come here, the cover charge has spanned from $10 to $20 per person depending on the nightly events and time that we have entered the club.

Exchange Information

618 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 627-8070

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