Hi there!  I’m Chrissy, and I’m thrilled that you came to check out my blog.  I started LA Staycation in May 2018 for both locals and tourists.  I wanted to include a list of popular places and hidden treasures in the Greater Los Angeles area.

About Chrissy: 10 Things About Me

1. I used to be a single mom-I was married when I was 23 years old and divorced with an 18-month-old (Skylar) by the time I was 25. Although it was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, it made me a stronger person.  Skylar’s father is still very much involved in her life.  (If any of you, dear readers, need support or motivation about being a single parent or going through a divorce, feel free to reach out to me.)

2. I am a black belt in kempo karate-In high school, I took so many classes that it didn’t allow me to participate in any school sports or physical education. My mom wanted me to be well-rounded, so she told me that I needed to pick a sport outside of school and stick with it.  I picked kempo, and I stopped once I achieved my first-degree black belt.

3. I played first chair viola in a symphony orchestra at Carnegie Hall-I have always loved music. I started playing violin when I was 8 years old and switched to viola (a big violin with lower string sound) in 7th  I eventually became the President of my high school orchestra and I was able to travel to Carnegie Hall to play.  It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I have just recently started to play again.

4. I started modeling at age 18-I was approached in a mall to join a modeling competition (did I mention that I’m 5’10”!) and ended up participating and getting a modeling contract. I have been with various agencies and have been modeling on/off for 10 years.  I am currently signed with BRAND Models and Talent out of Santa Ana, CA.

5. I lost 27 lbs at the gym-When I was pregnant with Skylar, I gained 50 lbs. When I was divorced, I yo-yo’d in weight before joining a gym for the first time in my life.  I go to Orangetheory Fitness 3-4 times per week and it helped me lose weight and gain muscle.

6. I wanted to be a criminal defense attorney-I’ve always had a love for law. When I was in high school and college I participated in Model United Nations and Mock Trial.  However, after working my way through college at a court reporting firm where attorneys would constantly be present, I decided that I didn’t want to pursue a law degree.

7. I love cookie dough ice cream-If I’m not careful, I can eat an entire pint in one sitting. There’s something about putting chunks of cookie dough into the cold ice cream that makes me SO happy.  (My favorite brand is Ben & Jerrys, but if you have any suggestions for other brands, I’m open to try anything.)

8. I’m obsessed with anything scary-But when I’m scared, I plug my ears so I can’t hear the sound effects. I feel like it makes it less-scary.  Someday I want to write a horror novel.  Stephen King and Michael Crichton are my favorite authors. I love watching scary movies or walking through haunted houses.

9. But I’m TERRIFIED of clowns-I think this fear stemmed from this recurring dream that I had when I was younger that I was trapped in the closet while clowns were trying to find me. I remember only seeing their big red shoes before finally waking up.  It’s not only scary clown’s I’m afraid of, it’s even the happy ones that twist balloons or show up at kids’ birthday parties.  I found out that this fear is called Coulrophobia.

10. My mom is my inspiration-My mom was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer three years ago. She is currently in remission, and she is the strongest fighter that I know.  (If anyone is going through or has someone going through a cancer diagnosis and wants support or motivating words, please contact me.)

About Ethan

I met Ethan in September 2015 after matching with him on Match.com (it works, people!).  Our daughters are the same age (almost exactly one year apart), and we lived only 2 miles away from each other.  Since we were both coming from broken marriages, it took us a while to navigate how to balance our lives with our kids’ lives and our ex-spouses’ lives.  Now, we’re a tight-knit family.

Ethan is the best man I have ever met.  He’s incredibly smart, handsome, funny, and caring.  I truly feel that he is my soulmate.  He got me interested in playing darts (we hope to join a dart league someday) and some PS4 co-op games (if anyone has suggestions on fun co-op games, let me know).  He also recognizes every movie and TV show reference I make…I told you he’s my soulmate!  He is my life partner who helps me to find and explore all the fun places highlighted on my blog.

(If anyone needs advice on how to navigate the ins and outs of a blended family, feel free to reach out.)

The Kids

Skylar (4)

Skylar is the light of my life.  She loves music and dancing, and we sing at the top of our lungs in the car every day.  She’s obsessed with anything Disney and has played soccer since she was 2.

Emma (5)

Emma is one of the most well-behaved kids you will ever meet.  She is kind and patient and extremely smart.  She recently finished her first season of T-Ball and can swim across an entire Olympic-sized pool unassisted.

The Dog

Walter White was named after Bryan Cranston’s character in Breaking Bad.  I rescued him in 2012 from a client.  At my first sales job out of college, I went to a client for a meeting who happened to be next to a fire station.  The fire alarm started blaring during our meeting, and one of the firefighters ran over to my client and gave her a box of puppies that someone abandoned.  Walter was the runt of the litter, and I took him that day to the vet’s for his shots before bringing him home.  That was the start of forever with my first ‘baby’.

About LA Staycation

If you read enough of my posts, you’ll soon realize that I LOVE taking advantage of any free time that my family and I have.  I started this blog as a hobby, as I work full-time as a Business Development Manager.

With Ethan and my work schedules, the kids school schedules, and extracurriculars to fill up most of our time, sometimes it’s difficult to get out of the house for new experiences and adventures.  After spending hours navigating different websites for places to go and things to do, I came up with the idea of LA Staycation.

So, if you ever have a free day or night without the kiddos (I’ve even included some posts about places you can take the kids with you) and you’re in the endless loop of the “what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” question circle, then look no further.  LA Staycation can help you find what you’re looking for…and it’s in your own backyard!

Please enjoy the blog and feel free to comment if you have been to any of the places that I write about.  Also, if you have a suggestion please send us an e-mail or write it in the comment…we are always looking for new places to go!

Love Always,



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  1. What a great blog for parents and grandparents! Lots of information and your personal perspective helps us to get a vibe of what the place is about. Looking forward to the next update!

  2. What a wonderful website Ms. Blogger!! It is chalk full of great ideas and your personal info was endearing! Many will find it so helpful! Carpe Diem in your new website! We love it! Lynn and Mark

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